“I, Hemann Künig von Vach, want, with God’s help, to make a little book to be called The Camino de Santiago. In it I want to describe roads and paths and how each one of the brothers of Santiago has to procure food and drink and I also want to mention the felonies of the tavernkeepers”.

The Künig Way Guide

Thus begins the guide in verse that the German monk of the Order of the Servants of Mary (known as the Servites) from the German town of Vacha, Hermann Künig, writing in German at the end of the 15th century, wrote in the following account his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, with his departure and return from Germany. This journey, known as the Via Künig, was translated into the guidebook published in Leipzig for the first time in 1495, and which proved to be a great success, as it was published four more times, when the printing press was in its infancy.

Who was Hermann Künig?