One of the most serious failings of a blog about the Camino de Santiago is not to talk about one of the most important Jacobean routes most curious: the Vadinian way, which is usually due to the fact that it is not a very busy route (so you can get little juice from it economically). However, the true lover of the Camino has to know the peculiarities of this route, which is, in our opinion, the hardest that exists.

However, if you like challenges, this is an exciting route, a route that will mark a before and after in your life. Let’s start!

Historical origin of the Vadinian Way

The name comes from a pre-Roman tribe which occupied the territory of the so-called Vanidia. Vanidia occupied an important territory which is where our route will take us. It is a very interesting route in cultural terms as it covers territories of Castile, Asturias and Cantabria.

However, you have to know what you’re up against before you go on the tour. We do not consider the Camino to be dangerous as such (in this aspect there are worse routes), but it is a quite hard route .

River of Cantabria

Its hardness lies in the difficulty of the Cantabrian stages. Therefore, it is highly recommended to arrive well prepared to them. But, as we said, it is not a dangerous section, there is no great risk of falls or anything remarkable. If you like long and hard distances this is your way.

It is a path that has to be faced more from a sporting point of view, more from the challenge than from a cultural point of view.

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