The French Way - Villadangos del Páramo

Information about Villadangos del Páramo

Villadangos del Páramo is a municipality and place in the province of León, located on the French Way. This beautiful village has a heritage of interest, both architecturally and scenically. It is the perfect place to spend some quiet time and enjoy its surprising corners.

What to see and do in Villadangos del Páramo

The Tower of Espadaña

This tower was built between the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century and it is said to have been finished around 1707, when two of the bells that can still be seen today were cast. It is built with boulders in the lower part and bricks in the upper part. The door dates back to 1735. Some reliefs stand out, referring to the battle of Clavijo, where the apparition of Santiago to King Ramiro I and his victory over Abderramán II is represented. It is one of the visits of interest in Villadangos del Páramo and a curious trace of the past of the place.