Information about Larrasoaña

Larrasoaña is a small and quiet Pyrenean village with just over 130 inhabitants and part of the municipality of Esteríbar, located on the French Way. Here you can enjoy a cozy stay, a very quiet environment surrounded by nature and a peaceful atmosphere. Its mediaeval past has left an interesting trace for the visitor and the gastronomy of Navarre will leave a good taste in the mouth of any traveller with a good palate.

What to see and do in Larrasoaña

Visit to the Parish of St. Nicholas of Bari

This parish is located in the centre of the town. It has a single nave with a straight chancel and a tower at the foot. This temple still preserves some elements of the primitive Gothic construction and is a very interesting visit when passing through this town.

San Nicolás de Bari - Larrasoaña