Ferreiros French Way

Information about Ferreiros

Records made in several old Jacobean manuscripts affirm the importance of Ferreiros within the Way to Santiago. This place is said to be an enclave of blacksmiths and home to a factory of armour and equipment for pilgrims. People from all over came to Ferreiros to nail their shoes or get new ones.

This tiny village is located approximately 9 km from Portomarín and belongs to the municipality of Paradela, in the region of Sarria.

What to see and do in Ferreiros

Parish Church of Santa Maria

Nowadays, in this place you can admire the parish church of Santa Maria, a simple but really beautiful temple, which is considered an exemplary representation of Romanesque style, which highlights its cover. It was built in the 12th century and moved stone by stone from Ferreiros to Mirallos, its current location. The church is surrounded by the cemetery and in front of its façade, in order to decorate the place, you can see the baptismal font from medieval times.

Parish Church Santa Maria Ferreiros

Mapa de Ferreiros