Burgo Ranero French Way

Information about El Burgo Ranero

El Burgo Ranero is a quiet and pleasant town located in the province of León in the region of Tierra de Sahagún in the autonomous community of Castilla y León. This village has approximately 700 inhabitants who welcome pilgrims on the French Way.

There is some discussion about the origin of its name, some believe that the town was founded by a man named Ranarius, but others claim that the name of the place comes from the typical croaking of frogs that abound in this type of plains.

What to see and do in El Burgo Ranero

Parish Church of San Pedro

The Church of San Pedro is located in the middle of the Camino de Santiago on its French side, specifically in the town of El Burgo Ranero. The temple has a Renaissance style, which is clearly seen in the polychrome wooden altarpiece of the sixteenth century. The Virgen de las Nieves or Virgen Manca, an image of great value, is today in the Cathedral Museum.

San Pedro Burgo Ranero Church

Patron saint festivities

Among the dates that stand out in the calendar to visit the region of El Burgo Ranero, is the celebration of St. Peter the Apostle on June 29th, St. Isidore on May 15th and Easter Monday. During each of these festivities the village dresses up and celebrates a beautiful traditional festival.


Mapa de El Burgo Ranero