The Camino de Santiago is an indefinable sensation. Among our strongest beliefs we say that “The Way is not done, it is lived! A challenge for some, a disconnection for others, and even a gastronomic journey for many. This is because at the end of the road we are always accompanied by an aperitif. A taste of the local gastronomy that seems to make it worth all the miles and blisters. Among them is one of our favorites. A Garnacha.

It is during the daily hikes that everyone finds themselves enjoying themselves, but the experience is not just about the trails and our steps. It is at each stop and at the end of each stage, when more bonds are created with our travel companions, one of the greatest treasures of this adventure. Of course, all of this takes place in magical places where the Galician gastronomy also becomes an indispensable attraction that accompanies us from the beginning until our arrival in Santiago.

A stop between stops

It is in the middle of the stage, between Palas de Rei y Arzúa where we direct our attention today. And it is in the pulpería A Garnacha where we most enjoy this and other delicacies from Galicia. With extensive facilities to accommodate all the pilgrims who pass through this point, A Garnacha has become an unavoidable meeting point on our way through Melide.

A Garnacha's hall
We don’t say so ourselves, it is the 400 kilos of octopus served at their tables every day that speak for themselves. Its most popular recipe is the octopus “á feira“, the most famous outside these lands. So much so that it is under the name of octopus “a la gallega” as it is known in the rest of Spain. In addition to this delicacy, other exquisite dishes are served, typical Galician, as the Galician broth, meat or caldeiro, or the ear to garnacha among others. To complete the meal, delicious homemade desserts are prepared, which can be topped off with a few shots of herbal liqueur to help with digestion.

The success enjoyed by A Garnacha is surprising if we take into account that the owner belongs to the third generation of a family of pulpeiros. Its secret is no more (and no less) than serving top quality products, cooked with the greatest care and served by a charming staff. Since 2005, A Garnacha has not stopped growing and they make you feel at home. There is no better reason or pleasure to take a break.

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