We hope you have rested well, because we are convinced that you already know what the Way of the Lighthouses is. From the moment we leave Playa de Niñóns, the terrain will be mostly fishermen’s paths, with short stretches of asphalt and sandy areas of great importance for birdwatchers, who will be delighted. until Ponteceso. As always, several ups and downs, some more and more pronounced. We will pass through small villages and the fishing village of Corme, famous for the barnacles that are collected very close, in the area of the Roncudo Lighthouse (watch out for the descent to the lighthouse!). Finally, after the spectacular Barra Beach, we will arrive at Ponteceso, a small village at the beginning of the Ría de Corme and Laxe, at the mouth of the Anllóns River, and the end of our stage.


We leave the beautiful beach of Niñóns through a forest that takes us to the small beach of O Morro, which leads us to Ponteceso. Small coves and beaches such as Niño do Corvo and Santamariña make us advance to a point where we will momentarily leave the coast, as it is a dangerous area of cliffs. We quickly return to the coast and we find the beach of A Barda.

Now comes the complicated part of the stage. The Costa Tremosa offers us a demanding path that will take us to the rustic and picturesque village of Roncudo, with its traditional popular architecture perfectly adapted to the difficult climate of the area. Dotted with wind energy blades, this high area will suddenly offer us a steep downhill slope towards cliffs rich in barnacles, where brave and brave “percebeiros” risk their lives to put these rich marine jewelson our tablecloth.

We have arrived at the Roncudo lighthouse.

From there an asphalted road joins the lighthouse with the village of Corme, where we can find several services. After the beaches of Arnela, Osmo and Ermida, we will arrive at Balarés Beach, at the foot of Monte Branco (don’t worry, we won’t climb this one), which, after surrounding it, offers us the marvellous beach of Barra Beach. A path and then the Paseo del Malecón will take us to Ponteceso, a small village with services and the end of our stage.

To consider

This is one of the longest and most complicated stages, so have a good breakfast before leaving Playa de Niñóns and take it easy, and we will start to find steep downhill slopes, so we recommend knee pads and walking sticks, to reach Ponteceso without incident. Fortunately, we will pass through the town centre of Corme shortly after the halfway point of the stage, so we will have access to several services.

Places of interest.

  • Tower of Brántuas and Church of Nuestra Señora del Faro (off the route).
  • Pedra da Serpe (out of the route).
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Costa da Morte (on the route).
  • Eduardo Pondal Foundation (outside the route).
  • Beaches and lighthouses (on the route).


  • Barnacles.
  • Sea urchins.
  • Sea and river fish (elvers and trout).
  • Shellfish (cockles).
  • Octopus.
  • Raxo.
  • Beans.





Town: Ponteceso

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 5.497


Town: Ponteceso

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 1.068