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information about corme

Corme is a small village that offers two versions: Corme-Aldea, the primitive and inland version, and Corme-Puerto, a fishing village famous for its goose barnacles from O Roncudo.

A walk through the town centre and along the seafront shows the charm of the coloured sea houses. Its people, closely linked to the sea, do not forget all its barnacle workers, to whom the singular Monument was erected in their honour.

what to see and do in corme

Museum of Contemporary Art Costa da Morte (MACCMO)

Simply surprising: to find a whole Museum of Contemporary Art in this small village is a luxury that we can enjoy thanks to the love that the painter Julio Pujales Rivas professed for the Costa da Morte. Apart from his own work, this museum houses an interesting collection of contemporary painting and sculpture.

Museum of Contemporary Art Costa da Morte

The narrowest house

Located in Arnela Street, just behind the beach of the same name, its facade width does not exceed 2 meters. It is privately owned and not open to visitors, but it is a curiosity of Corme that you should not miss.

Pedra da Serpe

Monument of uncertain origin and date, it is a granite rock with a relief of a snake shape, on which stands a cross. Under this one, another snake, but winged, distinguishes this stone, and is related to the legend of San Hadrian, fertility, healing, and even to the devil himself.

Roncudo Lighthouse

Its name refers to the hoarse roar of the sea breaking on the cliffs. It came into operation in 1920, and like many other lighthouses in the area, it was very necessary due to the various shipwrecks that occurred on its cliffs. It measures 11 meters, its light reaches 10 nautical miles and has no housing, as its operation is automated.

Roncudo Lighthouse

map of corme