We are in the final stretch, where we have just over 50 kms to reach our destination, the lighthouse of the End of the Earth; we must not be in a hurry, because we have two of the hardest stages. In this stage, the stretch from Muxía to Moreira Beach has demanding climbs and descents, which will test our knees and legs, and then continue to Nemiña.

From here the stage becomes smoother, leading us to the Touriñán Lighthouse, the most westerly point of peninsular Spain, and from there to our destination, Nemiña Beach, famous for its waves for surfing.


We leave Muxía along the DP-5201 road, common to the The Way of Saint James of Muxía and Finisterre we pass by the football field of Muxía and the Arliña Cove, heading towards the beach of Nemiña. At Lourido Beach we take a detour to walk on its sands, which offer us a view of the recent “Parador Costa da Morte de Muxía”.

We take a deep breath and proceed to climb Mount Cachelmo, with a very steep slope (average 23%). From the top we will have breathtaking views. It is now time to descend a steep slope, which then turns into a climb towards the DP-5201 road, which we will leave to access a dirt track that leads us to Punta Buitra Cape.

We ascend to Punta Buitra, with views of Cape Touriñán to the south.

Near the village of Cuño we will find a beautiful path along the stream of Cuño, with the remains of old mills. We continue to face the third and last climb of the stage, the Monte Pedrouzo, which after its summit still has a steep descent in store for us. From there we access Moreira Beach (be careful with the tides, they are dangerous), where the stage will begin to soften a little.

We continue towards Cape Touriñán and its lighthouse, where a plaque reminds us that we are at the westernmost point of peninsular Spain. We continue walking and little by little we will be able to see the end of our stage, Nemiña Beach, where we will find a restaurant with a beautiful terrace to enjoy the scenery and a well-deserved refreshment.

To be taken into account.

In this stage more than in others it is advisable to use knee pads and walking sticks, as they will help us a lot for the slopes that we will find in the first 10 kilometers that separate us from Muxía, if we want to arrive without incident to Nemiña Beach. There are very technical climbs and descents, with uneven ground and average gradients of 25%.

Places of interest.

  • Beaches and lighthouses.


  • Fish.
  • Seafood.



Pilgrims' Hospice of Muxía

Address: Rúa Enfesto, 15125 Muxía, A Coruña

Phone: +34610264325

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable



Town: Muxía

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 4.736