This stage has an affordable mileage, in the average, since from Ponteceso to Laxe we find a stage of 25 kilometers but with a very gentle slope. It is a special stage, as it is the one that is furthest away from the coast in a stretch, as it is intended that the walker visits important historical remains, such as the well recovered Dolmen of Dombate a Neolithic burial mound, as well as the Castro de Borneiro and the top of Monte Castelo, which will give us a fabulous panoramic view of the Ría de Corme and Laxe. In addition, in this stage we will have the Laxe beacon, as its lighthouse belongs to the route of the next stage, leaving Laxe towards Arou and Camelle.


We start the stage leaving the town centre of Ponteceso, from the house of the famous Galician bard Eduardo Pondal and we cross the bridge over the Anllóns River to walk 1 km along the AC-429 road towards Laxe. We quickly turn right and walk through the woods until we reach the shore opposite to the final route of the previous stage, with Barra Beach in front of us. We will find some fountains and the beach of A Urixeira.

We arrive at the small urban centre of Cabana de Bergantiños, which is, however, the municipal seat. There we will pass by the beach of A Carballa, and we will have some services nearby (bar, restaurant, taxi). We continue through this area of ornithological importance, and we arrive at the Lodeiro Cove, where we will have a small supermarket.

It is here that we will enter and temporarily leave the coast. We should not be disappointed, as a forest path with a stream and old mills awaits us: the Rego dos Muíños will not leave you indifferent. We continue with a respectable but beautiful ascent, and at its end we find the AC-430 road: to visit the Castro Borneiro we have to turn off 1 km round trip.

We continue through the village of Vilaseco and arrive at the fabulous Dolmen of Dombate.

It is worth a 15 minute stop and visit (free entrance). We continue on the plain and arrive at Fontefría, where we will find a public washing place and a fountain. We continue and get ready to climb to the top of Monte Castelo, where we will enjoy the reward for our effort: a wonderful view of the Ría de Corme and Laxe, where we can take a deep breath, rejoice in the scenery and encourage us to continue, because now it is time to descend, which we will do carefully.

We arrive at the village of Cánduas and shortly after we return to the coast, where we will again have some considerable ascent. The beaches of Rebordelo and San Pedro await us, which, together with Punta do Cabalo, precede the beach and village of Laxe, where we will have all kinds of services and we will end our stage.

To be taken into account.

This is not a particularly difficult stage, although we must be aware that there will be some steep climbs and descents ahead of us. The incursion to the interior, leaving the coast, from Ponteceso, will not detract from the merit of this route, indeed, it will enrich it with beautiful fluvial and panoramic landscapes until reaching Laxe, as well as with a historical and ethnographic heritage of great value.

Places of interest.

  • Castro Borneiro (on the route).
  • Dolmen of Dombate (on the route).
  • Monte Castelo viewpoint (on the route).
  • Laxe Sea Museum (on the route).
  • Beaches and lighthouses (on the route).


  • Fish (haddock, horse mackerel, etc.).
  • Seafood.
  • Octopus.





Town: Laxe

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 2.990


Town: Ponteceso

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 5.497

Cabana de Bergantiños

Town: Cabana de Bergantiños

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 4216