Setenil de las Bodegas is a beautiful village that is part of the popular Route of the White Villages in the province of Cadiz. Nestled in the Sierra de Gaditana and crossed by the Trejo River, this town has a notable difference with other towns that are also part of the aforementioned route: Most of its houses are strategically built on a set of rocks or under them.

And it is precisely because of this unique quality that Setenil de las Bodegas has attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

It is that the viewpoints and cave streets available thanks to the projections of powerful rocks have become the main attraction of this region, even though great monuments such as Torreón del Homenaje, Plaza Andalucía or Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Encarnación represent an essential visit.

The streets under the stone

To learn more about this small (but beautiful) town in the autonomous community of Andalusia. We invite you to visit it from beginning to end following this travel itinerary as a guide. Don’t forget to bring your camera and everything you need to make the tour unique and special. Ready?!

What to see and do in Setenil de las Bodegas?

Setenil de las Bodegas is one of those villages that you won’t want to leave off your list of places to visit in Spain. Its unmistakable beauty, its natural treasures and the warmth of its people are an invitation to walk its streets, learn about its history and enjoy its cultural legacy. And now that you’ve found some time for a weekend visit, we recommend a tour of the following places:

Church of Our Lady of Incarnation

Church of Our Lady of Incarnation

Yes, it is true, it is one of the most beautiful churches in the village. It was built between the 15th and 17th centuries under the mandate of the Catholic Monarchs. Its gothic style is one of its main attractions. The Crucified Christ inside the temple will especially attract your attention.

Keep of the Homage

This is another monument in Setenil de las Bodegas that you cannot miss. Torreón del Homenaje is, without further ado, the only thing that remains of the old Almohad fortress. Now that it has undergone renovations and refurbishments, it is suitable for the public. If you make it up to the tower, you’ll get a breathtaking view of the town.

Point of view of Setenil

Viewpoints of Setenil

You could not travel to Setenil without stopping at some of its viewpoints. Once you get there, you’re bound to get a couple of “WOW’s” because of the beautiful views. You will reach them through Calle Villa. The first viewpoint on your way, the smallest, will allow you to observe the Plaza de Andalucía. If you continue your walk you will find others just as impressive, such as the Church of Nuestra Señora de Encarnación and El Lizón.

Cave streets

Cave streets

The walk through the cave streets will fascinate you. They are the same ones that have been shaped by the projections of the rocks, which have filled Setenil de las Bodegas with spectacularity and which have turned this village into one of the main points of tourist interest in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

  • Calle calcetas: Right there you will find the most impressive cave houses of the village.
  • Cuevas de la Sombra Street: Its streets are so narrow that you will hardly notice the sunlight.
  • Cuevas del Sol Street: It is the busiest, without a doubt, but also one of the narrowest. Because of the layout of their houses, the sunlight enters at all times of the day.

Calle calcetas

Where to eat in Setenil de las Bodegas?

Setenil de la Bodega has a wide range of restaurants to eat after a long (but entertaining) walk through its streets. Find here the best establishments to taste exquisite dishes.

Keep of the Homage

Bar Restaurant La Escueva

It is located in one of the most important points of Setenil de las Bodegas: Calle Cuevas del Sol. It stands out for its atmosphere, good service, incredible seasoning and flavor and unbeatable price. It is one of those restaurants where you would repeat the gastronomic experience a thousand times. Try their tomatoes because they are one of the best.

Calvente Bar

If there is one thing Calvente Bar can boast of, it is its excellent barbecues. They are finger-licking good. And if you accompany them with a tomato salad, then you will be more than satisfied. The service is very good and the atmosphere will please you. Find it in Calle Cuevas del Sol.

La Posada

Unbeatable. We have not found another word to describe La Posada. Their service, atmosphere, prices, portions and quality is unbeatable. That is why we are talking about one of the most popular restaurants in Setenil de la Bodega. You will find it in Calle La Fuente.

Where to sleep in Setenil de las Bodegas?

We could not miss in this travel guide our recommendations for accommodation in hotels, apartments or cottages. And here we will present the ones that in our opinion are the best in the whole town of Setenil de la Bodega.

Rural House Los Tajos de Setenil de las Bodegas

This is one of the best places to find accommodation. It is comfortable and quiet, but also has good prices. It has comfortable rooms with all the services. It has parking and free WiFi, kitchen and dining room and patio.


It is a comfortable accommodation that has basic services to spend quiet moments. It has a terrace with free internet access and a balcony overlooking the village. Bellavista is a 4 bedroom house, ideal for one or two small families.


Spring House

To talk about Casa Primavera is to refer to a quality lodging. It is a simple but comfortable place, with views of the river from one of its balconies. Without a doubt, it will become a good option thanks to parking services and free WiFi, silver screen TV, continental breakfast, among many other benefits.

How to get to Setenil de las Bodegas?

The streets of Setenil