This beautiful island located in Biscay is called “rock castle” or “fortress Rocadragon.” The first denomination is due to the royal name, translated. In Basque, “gaztelu” means castle and “aitz” means rock. The second name, by which you probably already know this site, is the name the place received in its appearance in the seventh season of the series Game of Thrones. Today we show you the places of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe .

It is an island perched above the sea, standing on a large rocky complex. It is full of stunning contrasting colours: the green of the moss, the grey of the rocks and of course, the white of the foam of the waves hitting against the island. If you want to know how it feels to be a prince or a princess, if you want to travel back in time to medieval times: join us.

San Juan of Gaztegulatxe park

Give us your hand…

Close your eyes and try to feel the sound of the waves breaking against the rocks and then the slight descent of the foam, listen to the seagulls, try to smell the salt impregnated year after year… This is what you are going to feel as soon as you set foot at the entrance to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. And how could you not feel that you are travelling to another era if this atmosphere envelops you?

The church of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

When you leave your car, you will have about an hour’s drive (there and back) so we recommend that you relax and enjoy this short, but highly magical experience. From the mainland, you will find a man-made stone bridge with two arches. Behind it, you will immediately see a narrow corridor of 241 steps that runs in the direction of the path from one side to the other, in the form of a zigzag. You will have to follow this path to reach the islet, where you will see a hermitage with a bell on the gable. Legend has it that if you ring the bell three times and then make a wish, it will