The Pazo de Oca is one of the most beautiful of all the pazos that we can find in Galicia, and it is right on your way through the Sanabrés Way, in one of its last stages, only 5 kilometres away from the Ulla Bridge. It is also popularly known as Versalles Gallegos although some have called it Generalife del Norte. Its gardens of camellias, magnolias and azaleas maintain a French style unique in Spain that provides supreme majesty. That is why it has become one of the most beautiful and most interesting places for tourists in the province of Pontevedra.

Fountain in the middle of the garden

Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest of the Spanish Patrimony, the Pazo de Oca, a stately garden whose owners are the Dukes of Mandiceli, is a must-see during your weekend visit to the parish of Oca. In addition to admiring its marvelous plantations, you will enjoy the water fountains derived from two water spouts and an imposing baroque architecture that has been the subject of many magazine photos over the years.

To know more about this estate that is part of the already known Camellia Route, visit schedules and prices, it is essential to take a look at the following guide: Camellia Route. The following guide is essential to know more about this estate, visit schedules and prices of the excursion:

What to see and do in Pazo de Oca?

Child in the garden

If we have reached Oca, we cannot exclude from our itinerary a visit to the most extraordinary Galician manor house of all. The Pazo de Oca is unique and incomparable and the reason why we are writing these lines today. We spend a whole day at this farm where flowers, water and palm, walnut and chestnut tree plantations abound to enjoy a relaxing day away from the stress of the city.

Cruceiro next to the Pazo

We will be surprised by the best representation of the French landscape wherever we look. It is that absolutely everything comes together to achieve a perfect and harmonious space. And equally impressive will be the various species of Camellia that match other plants, the granite and the ponds where it is already common to watch the ducks swimming.

Fountain in the middle of the garden

The opening hours during the winter (November to March) are from 09:00 to 18:30. While in summer (April to October) is from 09:00 to 20:30 hours. The ticket price varies between 6 € and 15 €.

Now, if the tour includes a guided group visit to the interior of the farm, you will have to reserve a place on any given day. The tour organisers only accept groups of at least 10 people in order to offer a dramatised tour of 1 hour and 30 minutes. For school children, the tour lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Where to eat in Pazo de Oca?

Pulpo a Feira

We take advantage of the visit to Pazo de Oca to taste the most delicious local dishes. Here is a list of the three restaurants in the area that we liked the most:

Balado Marta and Roberto

Marta and Roberto welcome us to their restaurant, one of the best valued for its quality, friendly service, family atmosphere and, of course, good prices. It is a simple and quite cosy place, where the dishes are elaborated with quality products of the zone. It is located in Ardesende 3, Codeso.

Restaurant Brasería Regatos

It is known for the exquisiteness of its dishes and the abundance of its portions. It is ideal to go with the family. We have to confess that they eat so much and so well that there is no room for dessert. You’ll have to try their grilled meat as it’s the house speciality, but if seafood is your thing, try a grilled octopus. It is in Lagartóns, 36680 A Estrada.

Liñares River

It’s not just their food that’s hooking. So does the price / quality ratio. Yes, it’s true, you’ll eat well and at an unbeatable cost. It is one of the most recommended restaurants near Pazo de Oca, so if you are hungry it is a good option. It is located in Ponte Liñares, 7, Callobre 36688 A Estrada.

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Where to sleep in Pazo de Oca?

Finding accommodation will be easy. Just follow our recommendations and you will find a nice and quality place to sleep during your visit in the parish of Oca. Let’s see our selection:

Casa da Botica

Casa da Botica is 2.7 kilometres from Pazo de Oca. It is a good choice of accommodation thanks to its comfortable and well-lit rooms, but also for its good service and excellent location. It is one of the most elegant hostels and offers free WiFi and breakfast.

Pazo de Galegos

Unlike the previous hostel, Pazo de Galegos is a little further away from Pazo de Oca. But still, it is considered an excellent choice of accommodation. Its vineyards and gardens, as well as its grape-inspired décor and comfortable amenities, make it one of the most highly rated by guests.

Pazo de Galegos

Hotel Restaurant America

If you really want to live a unique experience, then consider Hotel Restaurante America as an option. It is 0.7 kilometres from the Pazo de Oca. But it stands out for its good services and for an atmosphere formidably designed for a good enjoyment. Comfortable rooms, free internet service, billiard room and children’s playground. This place is definitely a must-see.

How to get to Pazo de Oca?

Oca's Flag

Travelling from Santiago de Compostela by bus is easy. The journey takes at least 30 minutes by road. The first stop will be in the town of Balboa and from there we go straight to our destination.

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