The village known as Cervatos is located in the municipality of Campo de Enmedio in Cantabria and has approximately 60 inhabitants, distributed in its two neighbourhoods.

Pilgrims on their way to Santiago can stop in this village during their journey. Route between Burgos and Palencia. One of the attractions you will find here is the Collegiate Church known as San Pedro de Cervatos, popular for its unusual decoration inside a sacred resisto.

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If you want to know a little more about this interesting place of the pilgrimage route, here is a review of the attractions of the place, as well as some details you should know before starting your trip.

The street of Cervatos

What to see and do in Cervatos?

As we mentioned before, the heritage of Cervatos includes the peculiar Collegiate Church of San Pedro, a Romanesque monument located at the top of the village that is characterized by its decoration with erotic and sexual motifs.

Collegiate Church of San Pedro

The construction of this building took place during the 12th century and it is presumed that its decoration with sexual content is related to the carnival festivity. It is necessary to remember that at that time the celebration of this feast took place just before the commemoration of the Christian Easter and according to the medieval language with symbols, this decoration could indicate that before stepping on the sacred floor of the church, the visitors should be carnally satisfied.

Cervatos City Hall

Not only can we see sexual images on the temple’s corbels, but you will also see a jumper, a contortionist, a goat-headed being, a musician with a harp, drinkers, monsters and more. In addition, there is the image of the apostle Peter with the keys of heaven, determining the entrance of those who are free from sin. This monument was declared a National Monument in 1931.

Statues of Cervatos

This rare example of the medieval tradition of decorating sacred spaces with lustful grotesque sculptures shows us what their art was like. Other equally lustful figures can be found decorating similar period churches in Britain, Ireland, France and elsewhere in Spain.

In the town of Cervatos you can also find a archaeological site where the Roman road that went to Iulóbriga passed through.

Where to eat in Cervatos?

Potatoes stew

Below you will find some of the best restaurants near Cervatos in Cantabria.

San Antonio Restaurant

Located in the Plaza España in Aguilar de Campoo, it is 20 km from Cervatos. Here you can enjoy eating on a terrace and enjoy the weather. We offer daily and custom-made menus with seafood and grilled meats.

Tres Pasos Restaurant

From the centre of the mountains of Palencia, this restaurant offers you home cooking, typical dishes of Basque and Canarian cuisine, cod and Biscayan cuisine. Also, papas arrugadas con mojo or locas con salsa, fried grilled cheese, Cervera beef and more. This restaurant is 30.34 km from Cervatos.

The Retama

In the Barrio de Cabrojo in Cabezón de la Sal, you will have to travel 41 km from Cervatos to here, where you will be able to taste homemade food, delicious breakfasts, hamburgers, combined plates, etc.

Where to sleep in Cervatos?

Villa Rosa hostel

Very close to Cervatos you can find a very good hotel offer. We will mention some of the places where you can rest more comfortably very close to the place.

Villa Rosa

Located 4.4 km from San Pedro de Cervatos this hotel offers you well-known rooms with disabled access, TV, private bathroom, swimming pool, garden, tour desk, wake-up service, meeting rooms and Wifi. We assure you that you will have a very comfortable stay here.

Hotel El Golobar

This comfortable hotel offers room service, desk, shower and takeaway meals. You can also enjoy the swimming pool and hiking. It offers shuttle service, laundry, Wifi, alarm clock and safe. In this place you will be 4.6 km away from Cervatos.

Hotel Vejo

5.7 km from Cervatos you find this pleasant hotel with comfortable rooms, restaurant, air conditioning, gym, golf course, discotheques. In addition, you can enjoy laundry service, safe and wifi.

How to get to Cervatos?

Road to Cervatos

To get to this small village you must take the N-120. Between Calzada de los Molinos and Quintanilla, at the junction with the P-963. From there the Way to Santiago continues along the junction with the P-972 and San Román de la Cuba at 7 km.

Please note that the Burgos-León motorway, 6 km north of Cervatos, reduces traffic on the N-120.

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