O Cadavo Primitive Way

Information about O Cádavo

The small village of O Cádavo is the capital of the concello of Baleira. It is a rural municipality, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment in which nature is the undisputed protagonist.

Like many municipalities in the mountains of Lugo, O Cádavo also suffers a great process of depopulation and demographic ageing.

What to see and do in O Cádavo

A Fraga da Marronda

The Fraga de A Marronda is an exceptional example of Galician autochthonous forest in O Cádavo, in a perfect state of conservation that occupies an area of more than six hundred hectares. Hundreds of species of trees and bushes coexist there with a spectacular fauna, whose protagonists are the wild boar, the roe deer, the fox, the sparrow hawk, the caudal eagle, the crow and the partridge.

This impressive forest is also a scenic and visual treasure that gives us pictures that change with the seasons. While the intense green of the chlorophyll of the leaves dominates everything in the spring and summer, the yellow of the underlying layer of pigments appears in the autumn and the cold penetrates the branches in the winter that dawn white when the snow reaches these latitudes.

Fraga da Marronda O Cadavo

A Cova dos Mouros

Cova dos Mouros is located in the village of Santiago de A Fontaneira, at an altitude of 870 metres, in the western foothills of the Serra da Lastra and to the east of the O Pozo and O Miradoiro mountain ranges. The cavity in which the site is located is a small shelter approximately 21.5 metres deep.

The inside of Cova dos Mouros has a slight funnel shape, with a width of 6.60 metres and a height of 3.15 metres in the entrance area, which gradually decreases as we go deeper into the cave.

Cova dos Mouros O Cadavo

A Cortevella recreational area

If we are looking for the tranquillity of a natural environment, we can go to the Recreational Area of A Cortevella, where natural beauty and man-made beauty come together to create one of the most beautiful places in Baleira. In this beautiful place the river Eo will surprise us with its impressive meanders that it draws on its way, giving rise to a spectacular and capricious landscape fruit of the fluvial erosion.

From its viewpoint we can contemplate this whim of nature, also has picnic areas to spend a pleasant day around the river, and if what we like is hiking from A Cortevella we can make the Ruta da Mina, small path that runs along the banks of the Eo to an old gold mine, or walk the meander that the river draws as it passes through this place.

Recreational area in Cortevella O Cadavo


Mapa de O Cádavo