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Information about Vigo

Vigo is a city with a seafaring tradition, an imposing city and tremendous paradisiacal landscapes. A place to walk among its characteristic slopes the different environments, from the city to the sea, passing through the mountains and navigating between modernity and tradition. It opens from its important port to the world and extends to the most coveted places, such as the Cíes Islands. Along the way, no one can resist tasting his autochthonous gastronomy to which it does not lack the classic octopus to the Galician or the fresh oysters in the own street of the oyster beds. Its old town is pure history and in the central streets you can enjoy the architecture, shopping days or evenings in the bars.

What to see and do in Vigo

O Castro Mountain

The O Castro mountain is presented as the lung of this city and offers a great archaeological and natural heritage. In it you can find the sites of ancient civilizations belonging to the second and third centuries BC, the castros that give name to the location. From the top you can see the whole city and get incredible views of the sea, the port and at some points also of the Cies Islands.

It also has some Theold walls of the XVII century and next to the promenade that borders them you can reach an interesting viewpoint that facilitates the vision of the landscape, located next to the Monument of the Rande Galleons. A tribute to the memory of the 1702 battles fought in the Ría de Vigo itself, with a fateful end for the Spanish ships. At the end of this path you will also find the fortress of San Sebastián.