As you already know there are so many ways to do the way, as well as routes that lead to Santiago. You can do it on foot, by bike, with or without companions, taking your “best furry friend”… But for all the adventurers who decide to undertake this pilgrimage there is only one that connects with the past and origin of the route: Doing the Camino de Santiago mounted on a horseback.

And when we talk about “taking a trip to the past from the present” we mean that this is indeed the oldest way to travel through it, the original way. At first it was the wealthiest families who could afford to own a horseback, keep it and take it on such a journey with them. But now things have changed and taking an equestrian companion with you is just one of the many options we offer. If you want to know the ins and outs of this option and feel like a lady or a gentleman join us to review all the useful details not to be missed.

All the trips to do the Camino de Santiago with your dog

First of all we want you to know that the range of options is wide, depending on what you are interested in visiting or already know, landscapes you want to see with your own eyes or where you live. Here we leave you so that you can investigate in depth the range of paths that the so-called pilgrimage of Santiago occupies:

The Northern Way, the French Way, the Primitive Way, the Portuguese Way, the Portuguese Coastal Way, the Sea Route, Fisterra, the English Way and the Silver Way.

People riding horse on the road

Organize yourself

As you will see from our hand, traveling with the horse requires more preparation than the other modalities. You will be able to decide whether to do it independently or in a group. But if this is the first time that you are going to do a long equestrian journey, we recommend that you go as well accompanied as possible. And of course, we will take care of that pleasant company. Another point that we must take into account is your riding experience, it will be necessary for your comfort and that of the horse itself.

Keep in mind that on this route you will meet many cyclists, walkers and dogs, so it is not advisable to take a frightened or unaccustomed horse. You should also be aware that you will also pass through villages or cross roads and therefore the factor of cars and noise must be present. That is why the best option is that the horse is used to you or to the road and both of you can enjoy the magnificent experience of riding in this solitary and social environment.

People riding horse on the road

Being meticulous

It is very useful to make a list of things that you can’t overlook before starting your trip and as our function is to accompany you we have made it for you:

Check the time.

For both you and the horse it will be very useful to choose a warm day (but not too warm) to make the journey. Too much heat can make you hot, too much cold can slow you down and even be uncomfortable. It is therefore recommended to do it in autumn or spring.


Keep in mind that there are not many accommodations that allow parking the horseback and have services to take care on it. Plan well each stage and where you will stay, it is very important.


Although more than accessories they will be indispensable elements if you have decided to travel on your own; we are going to give you the enumeration. First aid kit, a waterproof blanket, saddle, saddle pads, bandages and horse protectors, grooming accessories, a bucket to give him eat or drink, a reflective vest, helmet, gloves and sunglasses. Keep in mind that you will need to check where to buy food for your partner or split it up before you start so you don’t have to carry it.

Last details.

Review the sections you want to carry out and analyse their level of difficulty. This will be a great help for you to travel relaxed and without worrying about your horse’s tiredness or yours. In order not to force it, keep in mind that there are places where you can stop and rest with it, but you should plan it from home. The key factor is to take into consideration how accustomed the animal is to you as much as you are to it. And don’t forget to bring the relevant documentation and prepare yourself by training together to have a physical condition that allows you to enjoy every kilometer of the route.

Signs of the Camino de Santiago on horseback

The Road

Dear adventurer, we know you love new sensations and complex experiences. This is one of them. But don’t get too carried away with the allure of emotion. This is a way of doing the Camino that, as you have already seen, requires a certain amount of preparation and experience as well as a lot of dedication. And because we want to make things easy for you, it is important that you consider that the most realistic way to enjoy this experience is to leave it in expert hands. A travel organiser will arrange everything so that you simply arrive and they will instruct you on everything you need to know. In addition, organized travel is always a better option since this methodology of the road does not have as much information about posts as cycling or walking.

People riding horse on the road

It is a fact that since 2017 has seen a 20% increase in the number of people opting for the old fashioned way and this makes us confident that you can feel very satisfied with our offer. We want you to get excited about the new experience of going back in time on a horseback and keep your promises or just be happy travelling!

Design the Camino to suit you