In a place in La Mancha, whose name… we are sure you will remember, is the route that every lover of history and culture will want to visit. The places that make up this route are located in different towns and provinces that run through the autonomous community of Castilla la Mancha. These giants that our precious Don Quixote mistook for water mills were once water mills. After the drought in this area where they are settled, they became windy. Nowadays, those windmills that have been restored are used to grind grain, others have become part of history in the form of a museum. They have been preserved and given the importance they deserve thanks to associations that have dedicated themselves to their preservation.

All the journeys of the Camino de Santiago by bike

There are many routes of the Camino de Santiago that we can do, but even if what you want is to do another type of route, this itinerary will take you more than a day to travel, the mills are spread over considerable distances but not far due to their size and function. So you will need to take into account that you will need accommodation. You can also do the route by public transport but we recommend (so that you can take your time) that you do it by car. Are you ready to see up close what inspired Miguel de Cervantes back in the 17th century? Here is a summary of the route


This village described by Sancho Panza in the second part of the book has 3 windmills, the first ones you will see if you are travelling along the Madrid-Andalusia motorway. Two of them have been restored from scratch on the old foundations in 2000 and the blades were replaced in 2015. Tembleque had at one point in history up to 6 mills.