Cangas de Onís is a small (but emblematic and peaceful) council of the Kingdom of Asturias with just over 6,300 inhabitants. It has stood out for the great and ancient monuments that give account of its historical legacy that, in turn, contrast with the new and modern buildings that have filled the city with avant-garde, light and progress. It is also part of one of the least recognized routes of the Camino de Santiago: The Vadinian route.

It is a region appreciated for its natural landscapes, for being the gateway to the impressive Picos de Europa and for allowing the realization of hiking trails through areas as striking and essential as the Cruz de Priena, Dobra River or Covadonga.

Capilla Cangas de Onís

But it is also synonymous with good cuisine. Yes, the seasoning of its gastronomic stores and the exquisite taste of its restaurants lead many people to praise and pay tribute to this city where tasting its cheeses has become an ode to good taste.

Now, without further ado, a list of things to do and things to see after your arrival in Asturias. Ready for an adventure?

What to do in Cangas de Onis?

If you have come this far, it is because you are really interested in knowing what Cangas de Onís has to offer to enjoy on vacations or weekends. Here is a list of things to do in Cangas de Onís:

Hiking routes for adventurous spirits.

Do you like adrenaline? Do you enjoy natural landscapes? Do you want to disconnect from the outside world and the stressful routine of city life? If the answer is a resounding YES, then don’t miss out on the tourist routes available in Cangas de Onís:

Covadonga Lakes

Dobra River and Olla de San Vicente Route

Its level of difficulty is low and the route can be completed in 3 hours. The route runs along the banks of the Dobra River until it reaches the municipality of Amieva. Once there, the path continues until it reaches Ollas de San Vicente, which are crystal-clear water pools.

Ollas de San Vicente

Covadonga Route

This is one of the best routes because while walking through the Picos de Europa you will get to know areas such as Poncebos, Sostre and Lagos de Enol. Its level of difficulty is medium / high and you will complete the route in 10 days.

Take advantage of the visit to the Sanctuary of Covadonga (the only one in Spain) to visit the Basilica of Santa María Real, the Three Crosses of Covadonga and the Cave of Covadonga, where, according to the records of history, the Muslims were defeated at the hands of Don Pelayo.

Todos los viajes del Camino de Santiago en bici

Route Cruz de Priena

This route will take you 3 hours on average but the effort is well worth it. It starts from Telaña until you reach the Cruz de Priena, an impressive parador where the views of the Picos de Europa and the Sanctuary of Covadonga will be splendid.

Take a look at the Roman Bridge

Yes, the Roman Bridge is an iconic structure in Cangas de Onís. It was built in the middle of the Middle Ages and since then it has been an obligatory reference. It was declared a Historic Artistic Monument in 1931 and from the central part of this architectural work it is possible to appreciate the Victoria Cross.

Roman Bridge of Cangas de Onís

Be impressed by the statue of Don Pelayo

If the Roman Bridge has become an emblematic place of Cangas de Onís, Don Pelayo has been one of the most representative characters of its history.

He led battles against the Muslims for the conquest of the Christians over the peninsula. If you want to know a little more about him and his exploits, be sure to visit his statue located near the Church of the Assumption.

Where to eat in Cangas de Onís?

Blue Cheese from Asturias

Asturian gastronomy is one of the best in Spain and enjoying it in Cangas de Onís is a privilege. If you are spending a well-deserved holiday in this council do not forget to taste delicious dishes in the following restaurants:

Chispa Winery

It is a good option to eat well and feel at ease. Located next to the Post Office, this restaurant stands out for its tapas and the generosity of its portions.

Tortos con adobu are their specialty. But take a look at the menu and find any other Kangaroo dish you want to try.

The Molin de la Pedrera

Its seasoning and flavor have made it an alternative for diners. But it has also attracted attention for its Asturian menu, for the amount of food to be served, its delicious ciders and, of course, its generous price. It is located near the Chapel of Santa Cruz.

La Madreñería

The best meats in Cangas are served in La Madreñería. There is no doubt about that. For this reason it has become a favorite place for many. Good menu, excellent food, unbeatable service. Find it in San Pelayo street.

Fabada Asturiana

Where to sleep in Cangas de Onís?

You have decided to spend a few days off in Cangas and you are looking for a good accommodation. Well, here is our selection of hotels and cottages for you to choose the one that suits your needs or requirements.

Cangas de Onis

Hotel Cangas de Onís Center

It is a modern 4-storey building with 89 rooms equipped for perfect accommodation. You will love its decoration, quite classic, by the way; but you will love the attention of its managers and its comfort. It is in the center of the city.

Apartments Mirador Picos de Europa

One kilometre from Cangas de Onís, specifically within the Picos de Europa Park, is one of the best places to stay in the region.

It has services such as WiFi, TV, playground, barbecue and many more. The rooms are clean and comfortable.

Hotel La Cepada

Very close to the Chapel of Santa Cruz is the Hotel La Cepada. It has become an excellent option for national and international guests. It has a restaurant, apartment and free WiFi.

How to get to Cangas de Onís?

Access to Cangas de Onís

Getting to Cangas de Onís is easy. So much so that you won’t need a map or GPS. Only follow the available signage if you are travelling in your own car. If you leave from Santander or Oviedo take the N – 634. When you get to Arriondas take the N – 625.

If you decide to fly, then you will land at the airports of Bilbao, Santander or Asturias. Then, embark on a bus or car to complete the journey.

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