The Asturian coast is full of natural wonders and such wonderful spaces that will never cease to amaze us. And one of these places of desire are, without a doubt, the Bufones de Pría. This is an area located in the town of Llames de Pría, in the Asturian council of Llanes, in the middle of the Camino del Norte. It is made up of two cliffs where you will feel all the power of the sea only when the Cantabrian Sea is at high tide.

The Bufones de Pría represent the wildest side of the region. And yes, you can only watch them in real action at certain times of the year.

The activity of these natural chimneys that make up the Protected Landscapes of the Eastern Coast of Asturias reaches its maximum splendour when the seawater escapes with supreme force, through the cracks in the limestone rocks caused by years and years of erosion. This natural phenomenon that has attracted the attention of locals and visitors is possible, especially in autumn and winter, when the strong waves combined with the compressed air in underground caves allow a jump of water to the surface, as a jet pressure, capable of reaching up to 20 meters high.

But while the Bay of Biscay is calm, we can only be content to feel under our feet or listen to the roar of the sea from miles away, becoming, in the same way, an attraction of interest that has achieved the visit of hundreds of thousands throughout the year.

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Bufones de Pría
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