Of all the places to discover in the council of Llanes you must give priority to the Bufones de Arenillas. They are located a little less than a kilometre from Puertas de Vidiago, within the Protected Landscape of the Eastern Coast of Asturias.

This natural wonder located in the North Way between Colombres and Llanes have gained popularity for being the largest and most spectacular in the region. In fact, it’s the largest of all the buffoons you’ll find on the east coast. And you can appreciate them at their best on autumn and winter days thanks to the strong swells and wind.

But what exactly are the Bufones de Arenilla and why have they become an essential place to visit in the Principality of Asturias?

Basically, they are cracks created by erosion in the limestone rocks of the cliffs. This phenomenon caused the land to form a kind of natural chimney from which water gushes out, like a fountain, when the tide is sufficiently rough.

The pressure causes the water jet to reach up to 40 meters high, accompanied, of course, by a loud roar or snort, which is why it owes its name of buffoon. And yes, you can hear it from miles away.

What to do in Bufones de Arenillas?

Bufones de Arenillas

It is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of Llanes, together with the Bufones de Pría and Bufones de Santiuste. The route to reach this place starts on a path near the village of Puertas de Vidiago. As soon as you arrive you will have a beautiful view of the coastline from the cliffs and you will witness the majesty of its buffoons, declared a natural monument on December 5, 2005.