Puelbo lourenzá monastery

Information about Lourenzá

Lourenzá is an inland Galician village that belongs to what is known as the Mariña Lucense. It is of great tourist attraction for its idyllic landscapes, among which stands out the environment of Cazolga, a prized fishing area that has a historic bridge built in 1796 over the Masma River.

It is very visited for the charm of the landscape, also for the attraction of fishing in its small streams and the impact of its excellent cuisine, starring the famous Fabas a la Lourenzá. An exceptional village for a day of quiet tourism in contact with nature.

What to see and do in Lourenzá

San Salvador Monastery

The San Salvador Monastery dates back to the 10th century and is therefore of great historical interest, although from this original date only two stones remain in its structure. The present construction originates from the XVII century under the authorship of Fray Benito Escobar y Casás y Novoa.

The whole of this building is composed of a monastery and parish church, the chapel of Valdeflores, the chapel of the Virgin of Valbanera, two cloisters, the abbey chamber and porter’s lodge, the convent, the courtyard of the Conde Santo and the interesting Museum of Sacred Art. It is a place to visit and be surrounded by history.