Puelbo lourenzá monastery

Information about Lourenzá

Lourenzá is an inland Galician village that belongs to what is known as the Mariña Lucense. It is of great tourist attraction for its idyllic landscapes, among which stands out the environment of Cazolga, a prized fishing area that has a historic bridge built in 1796 over the Masma River.

It is very visited for the charm of the landscape, also for the attraction of fishing in its small streams and the impact of its excellent cuisine, starring the famous Fabas a la Lourenzá. An exceptional village for a day of quiet tourism in contact with nature.

What to see and do in Lourenzá

San Salvador Monastery

The San Salvador Monastery dates back to the 10th century and is therefore of great historical interest, although from this original date only two stones remain in its structure. The present construction originates from the XVII century under the authorship of Fray Benito Escobar y Casás y Novoa.

The whole of this building is composed of a monastery and parish church, the chapel of Valdeflores, the chapel of the Virgin of Valbanera, two cloisters, the abbey chamber and porter’s lodge, the convent, the courtyard of the Conde Santo and the interesting Museum of Sacred Art. It is a place to visit and be surrounded by history.

Puelbo lourenzá monastery

The Cathedral of Mondoñedo

The Cathedral of Mondoñedo is also known as the Cathedral Arrollidada for its low height and its aesthetic proportions. This building was declared a National Monument in 1902 so it is worth walking to its location to see it.

Right in the place where this building is located begins the Natural Way of San Rosendo, for those who want to take the opportunity and do some hiking. It is located in a beautiful cobbled square and next to it you can also see the bronze statue of Álvaro Cunqueiro. The whole area is full of charm and elements worth visiting.

The Faba Bean Festival

The Faba Bean Festival takes place the first weekend of October and has been celebrated since 1990. This food is typical of the area, enjoys a great reputation and is the star of the most famous dish of the place: fabas a la Lourenzá. Any food lover will want to join this celebration if they are in the area at this time of year.

This festival was declared of Galician Tourist Interest by the Xunta de Galicia and attracts people from all the nearby towns and cities. On this eve, a gastronomic competition and a series of cultural activities associated with the celebration are held.

Beans to lourenzá

The Francisco Fernández del Riego Route

Francisco Fernández del Riego was born in Lourenzá in 1913. As a tribute to this local character, the City Council has developed a literary route around his figure. This intellectual offered great contributions to the Galician culture and its literature, he also promoted the creation of the Day of the Galician Letters.

The route runs through the most emblematic streets of the village. It takes in the places that formed part of Francisco Fernández del Riego’s life, his homes and the areas where he spent his childhood. A different view of what Lourenzá is, its richness and its culture.

The Faba Bean Interpretation Centre

In October 2004, the Centro de Interpretación da Faba (Faba Bean Interpretation Centre) was inaugurated in Lourenzá. This centre disseminates the agricultural and conservation techniques traditionally used to process faba beans in Lugo. You can learn all the secrets of the star product of the area and its care.

It has five different areas that cover the history of the beanstalk from the time it was discovered and used until the present day. If you follow this route you will visit an interesting exhibition room, a projection room with audiovisual material and a library.

Music box of Lourenzá

The Val de Lourenzá Hiking Route

Through the Val de Lourenzá hiking route you can enjoy the best landscapes of the area. It covers the natural landscapes of the village and is of great interest to people who enjoy walking in the open air.

The ideal is to do it at a time when the weather is pleasant and with comfortable clothes for it. It can last between 3 and 4 hours, so those more used to it will enjoy the journey if they decide to do the whole thing.


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