Camino del Norte - Colunga

Information about Colunga

The village of Colunga is in Asturias and is located on the Camino del Norte. It is a magical place that treasures stories of dinosaurs, beaches of immense beauty, surprising architectural heritage and natural landscapes such as the Sierra del Sueve. This town deserves a stop to get to know it in depth and enjoy its many possibilities.

What to see and do in Colunga

The beach of La Espasa

The beach of the Espasa presents a great sandy area that runs both Colunga and Caravia, since it has an important extension. It is considered one of the most beautiful and paradisiacal beaches of Asturias, as it has very little urban around it. It has all the necessary services, a promenade with restaurants, parking and toilets, as well as a recreational area.

Espasa Beach - Colunga

The Jurassic Museum of Asturias (MUJA)

If the idea of the traveler is to visit something different there is no greater recommendation in this area to approach this Jurassic museum. It is a modern installation that allows to know in a didactic and attractive way everything related to the Jurassic, to immerse oneself in the dinosaurs. This is the most visited museum in Asturias and is located between Colunga and Lastres, on the rasa de San Telmo, which in turn provides beautiful views of the coast.

MUJA - Colunga

A walk through the streets of Colunga

The stately town of Colunga deserves an active stroll through its streets and squares. Here you can enjoy the old hermitages, the palatial houses and the modernist mansions. Very traditional buildings are located in the town, the oldest of which date back to the 16th century, such as the chapels of Santa Ana and the Palace of Los Alonso Covián. In the modernist architecture you can find different constructions and the houses of indianos from the beginning of the last century.

Street walk - Colunga

The beach of La Griega

This beautiful beach is located between Colunga and Lastres, it is a wide sandy area located at the mouth of the river Libardón. It is well known for the dinosaur footprints in some of its rocks. It is a very long beach and has excellent conditions for swimming, so it is ideal to enjoy on sunny and pleasant summer days.

La Griega Beach - Colunga

The Sueve Mountains

The Sierra del Sueve rises above 1,000 metres and continues with the Sierra del Fitu, shared with the municipalities of Caravia, Ribadesella, Piloña and Parres. This makes Colunga a privileged village between the sea and the mountains. In the mountains you can contemplate ancient forests, exotic ferns or stony places. With this particular beauty the mountain range was included in the Natura 2000 Network, European network of protected natural areas.

Sierra del Sueve - Colunga

Mapa de Colunga