The City Council of Pontedeume (A Coruña) launched last Sunday October 24 the activity “.I English Way by stages“, a new project to promote and bring closer this Jacobean route. among its neighbours and is also open to people interested even if they live in another municipality. In fact, the village of Pontedeume is the protagonist of the English Camino de Santiago from Ferrolbecause this historic road passes through it in its first stages.

The English Way in stages

The English Way

The English Way is a Jacobean route that starts in the coasts of the northern coasts of Galiciabecause this is where in the late Middle Ages the different ships coming from England used to arrive there. (hence its name) with goods and pilgrims. These, in order to avoid a long and dangerous journey to Santiago de Compostela by the The French Camino de Santiago They preferred to make it shorter, although not exempt of dangers, arriving in Galicia by sea, and once on land, start walking to Compostela in a southerly direction. in a southerly direction.

It is a way that had its splendour until the 15th century, but the Anglican Reformation the Anglican reformation made it lose its strength.. Nowadays it is a Jacobean route on the rise, little travelled and with more and more infrastructure. Year after year is growing in number of pilgrims who get the Compostela by this route, placing it in the number of pilgrims that third place in number of pilgrims (this position is disputed with the Primitive Way and the Northern Way). If you want to know more, click here.

Advocacy and institutional support

As we have said, in the last few years the English Way has been experiencing a remarkable growth in pilgrim traffic.The institutions have taken notice of this. The Xunta de Galicia intervened on the route in 2017, modifying the route based on historical studies, although this caused some controversy. On the other hand, in 2019 the Association of Town Councils of the English Way. The project is managed by a management body for the promotion of the route and the enhancement of the value of its heritage resources. The Pontedeume City Councilas it could not be of another form, belongs to this association, together with the other fifteen city councils through which the route runs.

Thus, from the Department of Tourism of the City Council has been launched for the first time this “.I English Way in stagesThe “Route of the Route”, as an initiative of promotion and approach of this route to the citizenship. It is necessary to register in advance, which is free of chargeand should be done by contacting the Pontedeume Tourist Office. Nevertheless, the proposal has been very well received and very successful, and the places were filled very quickly, although there may be some last minute withdrawals.although there may be some last minute cancellations.

The initiative

The Councillor for Tourism, Employment and New Technologies of Pontedeume, Yolanda Vázquez Busto, is responsible for the organization of this initiative, which will take place during five consecutive Sundays. it will be developed during five consecutive SundaysThis way, carrying out all the stages of which the English route consists.

The aim is to promote and bring the English Way closer to the citizenship.

She herself, with the support of the Tourist Office of Pontedeume and Civil Protection, as well as the advice and participation of an Official Tourist Guide of Galicia, has walked the 29 kilometers between Ferrol and Pontedeume. 29 kilometers of the first stage, between Ferrol and Pontedeume. The neighbours of the English Way are very fond of their route, and in addition to the added value of having a guide and logistical support.The City Council provides a