The expression “ir chino chano“, which we must confess we didn’t know before, means “tomove from one place to another without rushing“, although it can be extended to do anything without stress. The RAE already defines the word “chano” as an adverb meaning “slowly, step by step“. This will be the way that Mariano Navascués, responsible of the TV program “Chino Chano” of Aragón TV, will do inside the Autonomous Community of Aragón through the French Camino de Santiago in Aragón by the Tolosana Way.

Man walking on the road

A long-running programme

With its almost 13 years of existence in the Aragonese television grid (the first broadcast was on April 29, 2009), and after 31 seasons and 369 programs, “Chino chano” has recently returned to Aragón TV programming, broadcasting every Tuesday at 21:35, in the prime time slot. Navascués is expectant w