There are many sources to learn more about the Camino de Santiago: guidebooks, books, travel magazines, TV or radio programs, the experience of pilgrim friends and blogs like this one, and if you are reading us, it means that we are a very good source. The technological and internet development allows us to have a lot of information in different media, and in this article we want to talk about the best podcast to inspire you to do the Camino de Santiago.

What is a podcast?

As always, defining concepts. The RAE does not include this anglicism in the dictionary, although it does show it in its “word observatory”. A podcast can be defined as a broadcast or multimedia file, especially an audio file, designed primarily to be downloaded and listened to on computers or portable players. In fact, if we analyze the words that compose it, “pod-” refers to Apple devices where you listen to audios, and “-cast” comes from the English verb “to cast”, which means to broadcast.

A man with headphones