The Portuguese Way along the Coast covers the 194 kms that, on the map, separate Oporto de Santiago, proposing a different alternative to the traditional route through the interior. This is an interesting proposal as it is a more relaxed route, with less slope, and where you can enjoy a magnificent coastline while enjoying its excellent cuisine. A 100% Atlantic route that will leave you speechless and with a good taste in your mouth!

How can I interpret this map of the Portuguese Way along the coast?

In this map you can see the 13 stages of the Portuguese Way along the coast.. From Oporto to Redondela (place where this variant converges with the main one) you will visit 2 countries, 3 districts, 1 Autonomous Community and 1 Province: in Portugal you will visit the districts of Porto, Braga and Viana do Castelo. Already in Galicia get to know the province of Pontevedra

As in the traditional Portuguese Way, the variant along the coast passes through beach areas that are great holiday destinations, so you’ll find many towns with services and infrastructure infrastructure, making this Camino a super safe option.