Shall we visit San Andrés de Teixido? We are in Galicia, specifically in the municipality of Cedeira, in full Capelada Mountain Range and near the sea. A small village that curiously was estimated in 2007 to be inhabited by a total of 49 people (29 men and 20 women).

It is very possible that we do not even know how to locate it on a map, but we can assure you that after reading this article we will feel curious to go to know it or to travel some of its routes. Another route of pilgrimage to this village, specifically to its sanctuary, very similar to the Camino de Santiago.

Have you ever heard the saying “A San Andrés de Teixido vai de morto o que non foi de vivo”? (To San Andres de Teixido goes as dead he who was not alive). This village besides being known for its sayings and legends, the most interesting point is its cliffs, being the highest in Europe.

San Andrés de Teixido may also be known as San Andrés de “Lonxe” or San Andrés “Do cabo do mundo” as it is very close to the northernmost point of the peninsula.

San Andrés de Teixido is a small village, but with an infinity of tourist attraction, either for its pilgrimage, its beautiful landscapes, its cliffs, its legends or even for its gastronomy. Next we will detail what you can see, eat or do in this wonderful corner of Galicia.

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