More than 11 thousand hectares of land comprise the Capelada Mountains, a place of magical beauty in the region of Ortegal that has been noted for incredible views from the viewpoints Vixía de Herbeira and Chao do Monte. Also, for having the highest cliffs in continental Europe, for guaranteeing the best routes in the autonomous community of Galicia and for showing the genuine freedom with which the semi-wild horses graze in the area.

The Capelada Mountains is an unmissable place. A geological formation that stands out for the rocky outcrops that date back, according to experts, to the separation of the continents or Pangea.

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Located between the municipalities of Cariño, Cadeira and Ortigueira, still maintains a religious and archaeological value of national interest: First of all, you will find a small temple of special devotion as it is the one of San Andrés de Teixido; while on the other hand, there are its immense cliffs that represent a true rocky sanctuary worthy of all your admiration.

What routes to do in Capelada Mountains?

Your to-do list should include routes all over the sierra. Learn about some of the must-see places that should be on your travel itinerary:

Walk to the viewpoint Chao do Monte

Upon arrival, you will be met with one of the best local sights. Below the viewpoint you will see San Andrés de Teixido and its white houses with orange tiles. From there you will enjoy the immensity of the sea and the shining green of the forest.

Route to San Andrés de Teixido

Chapel of San Andrés de Teixido

It is a village that, although small, is full of life. Anyone who goes to Galicia, must necessarily take a trip to this area, where you can find one of the sanctuaries of greatest devotion for the Galicians.

Enjoy the best views in Vixía de Herbeira

Stop the car in an esplanade and walk to an old sentry box that is today known as Vixía de Herbeira. It is on a cliff of 612 meters high, the highest in Europe and from where the views are really incredible. You will notice the ships miles away sailing freely over the vastness of the Atlantic.

Vixía de Herbeira

Where to eat in Capelada Mountains?

We know that completing the route through the Sierra de la Capetada has left you exhausted and that you need to recover the energy spent during the journey. That is why we are going to present you our selection of restaurants to replenish your batteries while eating delicious food.

Mesón Eiravella

Everything at Mesón de Eiravella is exceptional. Its food, its treatment and its atmosphere are real privileges. But the seasoning with which they prepare the seafood and the taste of home cooking will make you fall in love. This restaurant is located in San Andrés de Teixido.

O Barometer

Its good references have made it a real option to eat the best cockles with chips in Galicia. Not to be outdone are the good service and family atmosphere. It is located in the town of Cariño, which also stands out for its beauty and the friendliness of its people.

A Taberna Do Jojo

It really is a good option to taste seafood and barnacles. The menu retains a Galician touch that enchants. But it is equally appreciated for the attention of its managers and for the good service. Taberna Do Jojo is located in Ezequiel López street, in the town of Cedeira.

Where to sleep in Capelada Mountains?

Very close to the Sierra de la Capelada there are also good places to stay. And here are some of our suggestions that we want to share with you:

O Vilar

It has double rooms and double rooms with garden view. It is a fantastic place to rest and spend the nights near the Sierra de la Capelada. It has all the services to make your stay a quiet and cozy moment. It is located in Ortigueira, 10 kilometres from the cliffs.

Cordobelas House

Its good service, according to the price per night, is an incentive to stay in this place of proven quality. It is very close to the beach, but what stands out the most are the rooms with a view of the garden. Private parking and a flat-screen TV are provided. It is located in the town of Cordobeles.

Cordobelas House

Hostel Leira Antiga

Among its main objectives is that you spend unique moments and get quiet and comfortable rests. Has he succeeded? Of course it is and that’s why it has become a local reference. It has all the services for a perfect accommodation. It is located in LG de Pineiro in Cedeira.

How to get to Sierra de la Capelada?

Horses on the Sierra de la Capelada

To visit Sierra de la Capelada you will have to travel to Ortegal. From A Coruña there are 98 kilometres by car. The journey of just over 1 hour by road starts at Avenida de Arteixo, then turn left, just off Ronda de Outeiro.

Take the Avenida do Alcalde Alfonso Molina and then turn right at the indicated place until you reach the Autoestrada do Atlántico. After joining the motorways AP – 9, E – 70 and E – 1 continue your way to Santiago de Compostela.

Then, take the signposted route that will take you directly to the village of Ortegal. From then on, continue along the marked route until you reach your destination.

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