We have already reached the halfway point of the summer of this exceptional Holy Year of Mercy and we want to compile statistical data of all the pilgrims, to know what means have been used and which route to Santiago is the most used by all pilgrims. We have obtained the statistics of the Camino de Santiago of the month of July of the last 6 years, contemplating the last two Holy Years, that of the year 2010 and that of this exceptional year 2016.

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Statistics Pilgrims by gender

The first statistic is to know what is the representation by sex of all pilgrims. Thanks to this statistic we can see that the gap between men and women is getting smaller every year, remaining in this last year 2016: Men 50,57% and Women 49,43%. While 5 years ago the differences were more abrupt: Men 55,66% and Women 44,34%.

Statistics of the Camino de Santiago by gender

(*) Data for the month of July

Below we can see the comparison between sexes for each year where it is more evident how the gap is decreasing in each year.

statistical graph of the Camino de Santiago by sexes