We have already reached the halfway point of the summer of this exceptional Holy Year of Mercy and we want to compile statistical data of all the pilgrims, to know what means have been used and which route to Santiago is the most used by all pilgrims. We have obtained the statistics of the Camino de Santiago of the month of July of the last 6 years, contemplating the last two Holy Years, that of the year 2010 and that of this exceptional year 2016.

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Statistics Pilgrims by gender

The first statistic is to know what is the representation by sex of all pilgrims. Thanks to this statistic we can see that the gap between men and women is getting smaller every year, remaining in this last year 2016: Men 50,57% and Women 49,43%. While 5 years ago the differences were more abrupt: Men 55,66% and Women 44,34%.

Statistics of the Camino de Santiago by gender

(*) Data for the month of July

Below we can see the comparison between sexes for each year where it is more evident how the gap is decreasing in each year.

statistical graph of the Camino de Santiago by sexes

Statistics of pilgrims according to means of transport

We want to show you the differences between the means chosen by the pilgrims, and as you can see almost 90% of all of them do the Camino on foot, some alone, and others in groups like the trips we organize to the Camino de Santiago that we do.

statistics by road type

(*) Data for the month of July

Pilgrims on foot statistics

statistics pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago on footEvery year there are more and more pilgrims who decide to do the route on foot, the statistics show a slight increase every year.

This year has been the best month of July far surpassing that holy year of 2010 which was one of the best.

Statistics of pilgrims on bicycles

statistics of pilgrims on bicyclesHowever if we talk about the pilgrims who use the bicycle as a means for their arrival to Santiago we can see how since 2011 there is a slight decrease of pilgrims on bicycles in the month of July.

The record number of arrivals of pilgrims on bicycles was in the previous year 2010, with well over 1,000 pilgrims.

Statistics of pilgrims on horseback

statistics of pilgrims on horsebackIn the graph we can see how the years 2013, 2014 and the holy year 2010 were the ones with the highest number of pilgrims on horseback. In this year of mercy they have already exceeded last year’s pilgrims by just over twice as many so we can expect to reach a figure of over 100 pilgrims on horseback, far short of the record years.

Wheelchair Pilgrim Statistics

statistics of pilgrims on the Camino in wheelchairsDoing the Camino is always special, but doing it in a wheelchair is epic, and in recent years there have been a few brave people who have decided to do the Camino in their wheelchairs regardless of the arduous task involved. From viajescaminodesantiago.com we want to give him the most sincere congratulations from here.

All the routes of the Camino de Santiago

Statistics of the different routes of the Camino de Santiago

In this last section we want to leave you the number of pilgrims who make use of the different routes of the Camino de Santiago.

Statistics of the different routes of the Camino by number of pilgrims
statistics of all the routes of the Camino de Santiago

The French Way is the one that agglutinated more pilgrims and represents 61.06% of pilgrims making the way last year. Previously it was also the one that agglutinated the largest number of pilgrims, however in recent years, more paths are becoming known, so that this difference is decreasing.

representation of the French Way over the total
All the data have been obtained from the official source of the pilgrim’s office for the month of July of each year. We hope you liked it.

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