This time we will narrate the legend of the mystery of Óbanos . The story takes place in the village of Óbanos, in Navarra. Today, the legend is recreated in the village by means of a play during the week of St. James’ Day, July 25th. This celebration has been declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

Legend of the mystery of Óbanos

This legend tells the story of a girl named Felicia, daughter of the Dukes of Aquitaine. On one occasion he heard a troubadour speak of the tomb of St. James the Apostle and the pilgrimage that so many people made to get to where he was.

Felicia was from a very good family, never lacked for anything and lived a noble life. Apparently, the only work he did was the typical work of a woman of her social class in the Middle Ages. Felicia was dedicated to read poems, compose songs and sew for most of the day.

But what he heard from that troubadour awakened his curiosity and he began to to plan his journey to begin his pilgrimage, even though his father and his brother Guillén did not approve of the fact that he was starting this adventure. His desire to make the pilgrimage and leave behind the life of luxury and comfort outweighed the opinion of his family.

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The adventure begins for Felicia

Ignoring his family’s warnings about the dangers he would encounter along the way, He set out on the journey with his entourage towards Santiago de Compostela. But what was found was not danger, but a road full of misery, poverty and disease.

After arriving in Santiago and visiting the tomb of the apostle, she decided to stay there to help the most needy, which would completely change her way of understanding life and make her appreciate the little things much more. Felicia stayed in the farmhouse of Amocaín, in the valley of Egües, near Pamplona, taking care of the land, animals and other farm work.

Time passed, and her brother Guillén, seeing that she did not return, decided to go and look for her. Guillén asked village after village until he found her in that hamlet, where he tried to convince her to return to the castle, to continue her life as a nobleman. He insisted that she not give up her future because