One of the elements with the most history and symbolism of the Camino de Santiago is the Iron CrossAlso known in Leonese as “Cruz de Fierro”, which in Spanish is the “Cruz de Hierro” (Iron Cross). Located on the French Way on the stage that goes from Foncebadón to Ponferrada, it is located between Foncebadón itself and Manjarín, and belongs to the municipality of Santa Colomba de Somoza (León). From here, it is 230 kilometres to the city of Santiago de Compostela.

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The highest mountain

The Ferro Cross is located at the highest point of the French Camino de Santiago. In these mountains of León we will find it in the mountain pass of Foncebadón, also called Monte de Rabanal, which with its 1.504 masl is the highest peak of this route from Roncesvalles, although if we start in the mountain pass of Somport we would reach 1.600 masl.

The mountain of Foncebadón