It is not strange that a city with the extensive history of Santiago and the multitude of people who have walked its streets, is an inexhaustible source of legends, tales and myths. The silhouette that is projected every day on one of the facades of the cathedral. The silhouette that is projected daily on one of the façades of the cathedral is that of a pilgrim wearing a wide-brimmed hat, walking stick, gourd and cloak. This ghost is nothing more than the result of a coincidence that makes the shadow of a granite pillar located in the Plaza de A Quintana cast its figure when night falls and the lighting is turned on. However, there are more than a few interpretations that enter into magical and superhuman territory that go far beyond this natural and logical explanation.

Different versions of the Plaza A quintana

Not one, not two, but four different versions of the origin of this vision have come down to us.

Quintana of the Living and Quintana of the Dead

The first of them is due to the past use that was given to Plaza A Quintana. This esplanade next to the cathedral is divided into two levels, separated by a staircase that divides its surface in two. The one at the top is called Quintana de Vivos. The one below, on the other hand, is known as Quintana de Mortos (of the dead).

The public cemetery was previously located in the lower part. That is why many say that the shadow of the pilgrim is the manifestation of the wandering soul of one of those who rested there. The second explanation has to do with the darkest period of the Catholic Church and the brutal practices that took place in this place. In this case it is said that the shadow belongs to the soul of some wretch who was burned at the stake by inquisitorial judgment.

The Plaza de la Quintana