Salburua is a district within the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz and where one of the most visited and most important nature reserves in the world is located.

Salburua Park is one of the most preserved jewels of nature in Europe and has undergone an impressive environmental restoration work. The park had been the victim of indiscriminate logging and artificial drainage caused by the creation of crops. This considerably reduced the forest and with it the species that inhabited the place. The area had considerable impacts such as waste dumping and other practices that nearly destroyed the landscape and its environmental conditions.

In the first decade of the 1990s, recovery began. It also initiates an important project to promote awareness of the need to conserve and protect natural areas, as well as scientific research on the species that inhabit them. This is how Salburua has become an important natural destination that attracts hundreds of tourists and nature lovers. For the inhabitants of the area this park has become a synonym of recreation, leisure and contemplation.

Salburua's boulevard

Enjoy the best natural landscape in the heart of Vitoria.

The wetland park is one of the most important in Europe and one of the most significant for the great diversity of birds that inhabit it. This natural space is formed by two lagoons extended to the east of the city of Vitoria and the subsoil of the Llanada Alvesa and it is 9 km long. Of space to walk around, aided by wooden walkways over the water.

The wetland park

Activities in Salburua

If you love hiking this is a great place for it, you can enjoy a walk in the park or rent bikes right there and take a ride with your family or fellow adventurers.

A family in front of the river