There are those who have not yet heard of Peratallada, a medieval village in the province of Girona that for its beauty and charm has begun to arouse the interest of hundreds of tourists who visit each year the autonomous community of Catalonia.

With just over 100 inhabitants, this small town on the Costa Brava of Spain looks imposing. It has a very well preserved historic centre (better than other towns in the region), consisting mainly of old fortifications, for which it has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site.

Peratallada is one of those destinations that owe nothing to anyone.

Peratallada's street

Walking its streets, getting to know its history and learning about its cultural heritage is one of the best life experiences you will have in years. That is why we invite you to a tour of every corner of this village in the municipality of Forallac and enjoy monuments such as Peratallada Castle or Sant Esteves Church.

What to do in Peratallada?

People in the Peratallada street

You will have plenty of time to visit Peratallada. It is such a small town that you can explore it in just one day. However, we will tell you what to see and do in this place whose fortifications were carved on a large stone. And hence its name “Peratallada”.

Church of Sant Esteves in Peratallada

It is one of the most iconic monuments of the region. Of simple construction, this church looks beautiful and imposing, although its interior is much smaller than it seems. Its Romanesque style makes it perfect for posing for a good photo. Sant Esteves Church is generally closed to the public, but you can request a guided tour at the tourist offices.

La Roca Street