Pazo de A Saleta is an estate of at least 5 hectares, designed with an exquisite English style and located in the town of Meis in Pontevedra, just 9 kilometers from the original layout of the Portuguese Way. It is considered a highly prized botanical treasure since 1968 when its new owners, the British couple Robert and Margaret Gimson, decided to turn it into one of the most beautiful gardens in Spain.

In their eagerness to see the land bloom and give it color and life after the arrival of spring, the couple acquired seeds of different plants from all over the world for later planting. And with the help of landscape architect, Brenda Colvi, they transformed the place into a splendorous enclosure. There are classified and labeled species such as cork oaks, eucalyptus, oaks, azaleas and rhododendrons, protaceae, euricaceae of South America, among others.

A camellia in the garden

But what really catches the eye and what could be considered the jewel in the crown of the Pazo de A Saleta are the species of red, white, reticulated, marbled, marbled and violet camellias introduced many years ago and for which it has been awarded with a Golden Camellia and special prize Antonio Odriozola. To learn more about this deliriously beautiful space, take a look with us at the following guide.

What to do in Pazo de A Saleta?

Camellia's garden

The Pazo de A Saleta is a must. One of those that you must include in your travel itinerary in the Autonomous Community of Galicia. A walk through its magical