These are perfect days to go out and visit those hidden corners of Asturias you always wanted to know. This Spanish principality is home to cities of unique beauty and incalculable historical value that are worth a weekend getaway. And today we will make a brief stop in Villaviciosa, a fertile town in full North Way, its Old Town has been the reflection of years of prosperity and the transcendence of its architecture.

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This village of more than 15,000 inhabitants will never go unnoticed. Once in its streets will let us appreciate the majesty of its monuments. But also, the dozens of houses built according to the new needs of its wealthy residents, who since the mid-nineteenth century contributed to local development thanks to the commercial boom that Villaviciosa began to experience.

There is no doubt that the Old Town of Villaviciosa is one of those charming places that can not miss on your list of places to visit. That is why we have decided to create a useful and practical travel guide to make your trip as pleasant as possible. Now, join us to know one of the most beautiful places in Asturias, through the tourist route that we will refer to below:

What to do in the Old Town of Villa