One of the most interesting towns in the municipality of Mosqueruela, in the province of Teruel within the autonomous community of Aragon is La Estrella.

If you have ever heard of this place, it has not been for its prosperity, in fact it does not show a promising future for this place, as for many it has been forgotten in the past and because it can only be reached there intentionally, not many stumble upon its goodness. However, it is an ideal place to escape and completely disconnect from the hectic world.

In this article we have made a compilation of some details you should know before venturing to visit this town. Read on and find out what wonders La Estrella still has to show you.

The village of La Estrella

What to see and do in La Estrella Mosqueruela?

An interesting fact about this place is that it was not always known as La Estrella, in fact the first record where it appears with that name dates from 1466. Previously, it was known as Villar de las Vinyas and nowadays, some people call it La Villeta.

One of the most attractive events in the traditional history of this village is that the Fuente de la Virgen, which you can admire here, began to gush water in the middle of a time of drought, rescuing its inhabitants from death. This event was recognized as a miracle of the virgin, initiating an important cult that led to the construction of a sanctuary dedicated to the virgin.

Sanctuary of La Estrella

With this beautiful story we present the Sanctuary of