One of the most interesting towns in the municipality of Mosqueruela, in the province of Teruel within the autonomous community of Aragon is La Estrella.

If you have ever heard of this place, it has not been for its prosperity, in fact it does not show a promising future for this place, as for many it has been forgotten in the past and because it can only be reached there intentionally, not many stumble upon its goodness. However, it is an ideal place to escape and completely disconnect from the hectic world.

In this article we have made a compilation of some details you should know before venturing to visit this town. Read on and find out what wonders La Estrella still has to show you.

The village of La Estrella

What to see and do in La Estrella Mosqueruela?

An interesting fact about this place is that it was not always known as La Estrella, in fact the first record where it appears with that name dates from 1466. Previously, it was known as Villar de las Vinyas and nowadays, some people call it La Villeta.

One of the most attractive events in the traditional history of this village is that the Fuente de la Virgen, which you can admire here, began to gush water in the middle of a time of drought, rescuing its inhabitants from death. This event was recognized as a miracle of the virgin, initiating an important cult that led to the construction of a sanctuary dedicated to the virgin.

Sanctuary of La Estrella

With this beautiful story we present the Sanctuary of La Estrella, built during the 18th century, which suffered the disaster of the flood of 1883. This beautiful construction was built 15 km from the town of Mosqueruela as a beautiful architectural work, which currently has a plant with three naves, with the main nave covered with barrel vaults with lunettes.

The Castle of Majo

Another monument that you can find very close to La Estrella is the Castle of Majo, although there are few remains of it and is now considered an archaeological site of the Islamic period, it is worth enjoying this landscape.

Leaving aside the monuments that still remain in this place, the best that La Estrella can offer you is its hiking route. This path starts in Mosqueruela and takes you to the neighbourhood of La Estrella and coincides with the procession that takes place in May in honour of the Virgen de la Estrella. When you arrive at La Estrella you will meet the charming octogenarian couple who still live there and immerse yourself in the quiet life of a hermit.

The Mosqueruela

The town of La Estrella is at a much lower altitude than Mosqueruela, so the route is full of slopes that will make the way much more interesting.

On this path you can see the memory of the tragedy of 1883, as the path followed by the water is still there.

The village of La Estrella

Where to eat in La Estrella Mosqueruela?

Very close to the village of La Estrella, in Mosqueruela, you will find nice restaurants where you can taste delicious dishes. Here are some of the best ones.

La Estrella's Paella

Restaurant La Posada de Mosqueruela

Here you will find a cozy restaurant inside a modern, but rural hotel. They will serve you very well, you will be able to choose what you want to eat from their menu and you will be satisfied with their portions. Approximately 30 euros per person.

Hotel Montenieve restaurant

With nothing too attractive to offer, this hotel has a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious homemade dishes. They offer appetizing salads and generous portions of meat and potatoes in different styles.

Where to sleep in La Estrella Mosqueruela?

Rural Accommodation La Posada de Mosqueruela

If you want to rest near your destination, in Mosqueruela there is a wide variety of hostels. There you can sleep before taking the adventure of the road to La Estrella. Here are some suggestions.

Rural Accommodation La Posada de Mosqueruela

In this charming village you will find this good hotel, very clean and well kept. You will be able to rest peacefully and enjoy a beautiful rural environment.

Hotel Montenieve

This hotel has a very good rating from its visitors. It is described as a simple place, where you will be served by its friendly owners. It is well located and you will be able to rest peacefully.

Hotel Más De Cebrian

It is one of the most sought after hotels in the area. It features free WiFi, a restaurant and a spa with massages and treatments. Besides enjoying the nature and the unique atmosphere of La Estrella here you will be treated like a king.

How to get to Estrella Mosqueruela?

The road to La Estrella

As mentioned above you can reach the memorable village of La Estrella from Mosqueruela. The distance you have to travel is 26 km, so the journey time is approximately 57 minutes.

How to get to Mosqueruela will depend on where you are at the moment. The nearest city is Valencia and from there you can get there by any type of land vehicle, including taxi, bus, car and train.

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