Of the Most beautiful villages in Spain today we will visit Alcalá del Júcar. Yes, a small town in the province of Albacete that stands on a mighty rock. It stands out for its great historical heritage as Ermita de San Lorenzo, Cueva del Diablo and Plaza de Toros. But above all, for its imposing castle, a fortress of Islamic origin that has become one of its main attractions.

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Alcalá del Júcar has just over 1000 inhabitants. And during weekends or holidays, the arrival of tourists outnumbers the residents themselves. Despite being an extremely small town, it is an essential destination in the autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha. Its people, traditions, customs and gastronomy are very appealing.

Alcalá del Júcar in the night

To get to know this village of white houses and narrow streets, don’t miss the opportunity to take a free walk. Delve into its territory and discover why this town has aroused the interest of hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

What to see and do in Alcalá del Júcar?

Old bridge over the Júcar River

Once you have set foot on the ground in Alcalá del Júcar start to walk around the town and get to know its people. Let yourself be surprised by its streets and take pictures of everything you want. The first thing to do is to participate in the water route, well known in the municipality and very well appreciated by visitors.

Visit the Old Bridge and enjoy one of the most amazing views of Alcalá de Júcar. The Plaza de Toros is a place not to be missed, which is why it must be included in the list of places to visit. Likewise, the Devil’s Cave, formerly used as the customs center of the town.

Castle of Alcalá del Júcar

Climb up to the castle. From this place you will have the privilege of enjoying one of the best views of Júcar. Your visit to this region should include a visit to the Church of San Andrés; but also, to the beaches located by the river Júcar, a delightful place, especially in summer, to sunbathe and swim a little.

River Júcar

Take advantage of your stay to carry out leisure activities available thanks to the tourist offer that has grown in recent years. Test your skills in abseiling and bungee jumping. But you can also enjoy a fun rafting trip down the tributary or a day of camping if you are travelling with children.

Where to eat in Alcalá del Júcar?

Lunchtime has arrived. And yes, after a day of intense walking you will need to recharge your energy. What better way than tasting delicious local dishes in good restaurants! Here is our selection:


El Mirador

It is a good place to eat delicious food at a good price. El Mirador stands out for its excellent service, comfortable atmosphere and exquisite dishes prepared with quality products. During the evenings it guarantees a spectacular view of the town, making it one of the most recommended restaurants in the area. You will find it at the following address: Calle Morrón s/n, 02214.

Avejúcar Restaurant

This is one of the most accurate recommendations. Avejúcar Restaurant is one of the best in the area because it offers a varied menu, good seasoning in their meals, quality service and a pleasant atmosphere. There is no doubt that it is a good option to pamper the palate. It is in Calle de San Roque s/n, 02211 Tolosa.

Elia Bar

If anything has characterized Elia Bar in recent times is its elegance. But it also stands out for a good tasting menu, friendly service and quality service. The relationship between quality, quantity and price is one of the strong points of this restaurant. It is located at Carretera de Tolosa, 02210.

Where to sleep in Alcalá del Júcar?

Cottages Los Olivos

In Alcalá del Júcar the accommodation offers abound as well as its leisure and recreational activities. But below, we will highlight the most popular and reputable hotels and rural houses, thanks to the valuation made by the guests.

Cottages Los Olivos

If you want to stay in one of the best accommodations then book at Casas Rurales Los Olivos. It features a shared outdoor pool, super comfortable rooms, homes in a prestigious camping resort, free Internet access and other high-end amenities.

Cousin Esther’s Cave House

It is a real option in Alcalá del Júcar to spend quiet nights. Imagine sleeping in a cave house in the area. Definitely a dream come true. It has two bedrooms, kitchen with all utensils, flat screen TV and a fully equipped bathroom. Make your reservations early.

Olmeda Apartment

It’s quite cosy and a definite alternative if you’re travelling to Alcalá del Júcar for a weekend break. It has a bedroom, living room, equipped kitchen, flat screen TV, among others. The receptionist could inform you about available activities in the village on request. Overall, it’s a worthwhile option.

How to get to Alcalá del Júcar?

River of Júcar

Getting there is easy if you decide to travel by road. From Albacete you will have to take the N-322 road, which will take you up to 1 hour. If you start from the city of Madrid, you could drive a time lapse of 3 hours along the A-3.

It is also possible to start the trip from Alicante. Take the A-31 until you reach the town of Almansa, and from there take the road to Albacete.

The A-31 is an essential road for those who start their journey from the city of Valencia. You will take the course until you reach Requena and from there you will go straight to Albacete. This trip will take 1 hour and 30 minutes, on average.

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