St. Olav’s Way... Have you ever heard of this pilgrimage route named after a Norwegian saint? Well if not, here we will tell you everything you need to know about this impressive passage. For some it is no secret that there are two routes called St. Olav’s Way. There is the Norwegian one, which is about 650 kilometers from Oslo to Tronheim, where the remains of the saint are located.

But there is also the Spanish pass which we will only refer to in this article. It is made up of 60 kilometers that can be completed in two days from Burgos to Covarruvias. There you will appreciate small villages with supreme charm as Cardeñadijo and Quintalara. It is a route full of very particular stories, such as that of Princess Kristina of Norway, who at the age of 28 and on her deathbed, made her husband promise, in the thirteenth century, the construction in Covarrubias of a temple in honor of St. Olav.

Well, discover in this 48-hour trip everything about this place so important for the pilgrimage routes on Iberian soil, including the reason why the work was not completed until 2011, many years after that promise.

What places to visit in Camino de Olav?

The Plaza del Rey San Fernando

The Plaza del Rey San Fernando will be the starting point for one of the most transcendental routes in Castilla La Mancha. It is located very close to the Cathedral of Burgos, right in the middle of the Camino de Santiago, which UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site. You will pass by the Arco de Santa Maria, an exceptionally beautiful place worth a couple of photos. Plaza Vega will be the next place to visit. You will continue along Madrid street until you reach the Vía Verde, which will finally take you to one of the most iconic villages in the area: Cardeñadijo.

Don’t miss the opportunity to refresh yourself with a delicious beer in one of its bars or have a snack before continuing along this medium-difficulty route.