The organization of your Camino de Santiago is something very important and depending on how you do it you will have to take into account several issues: what route to take, where to start from, what type of accommodation to choose, etc. One of the most common options when walking the Camino de Santiago is to make the last 100 kilometers of any of the official routes, and for this pilgrims travel to Galicia to reach the starting point. Even to Santiago de Compostela itself, since from the Jacobean city it is easier to find connections with the town where you will start the route. Many pilgrims come to Galicia in their own vehicle, with which they will return home, and here a problem arises, which is where to park the car during the days you are going to do the Camino de Santiago. In this article we are going to make this question easy for you, and we will find out where to park your car in Santiago de Compostela and Sarria.

Parking in Santiago de Compostela

As the capital of Galicia, economic center and tourist destination of great importance, Santiago de Compostela is a city with a lot of traffic and it is often difficult to find where to park, especially if we do not want to pay.