If your idea of a different (but equally incredible) holiday includes contact with nature, excursions through beautiful scenery and outdoor art, then the Bogarra Sculpture Route is a perfect alternative.

This is a 3-kilometre walk where you can contemplate and enjoy up to 60 works sculpted in stone, wood and marble that turn the landscape, which runs along the Hoz del río Madera, into a sculpture museum in the middle of nature.

And every year more and more works of this kind are added thanks to the work of artists from all over Spain, who every year visit the region to capture their art as their legacy through an event called landscape sculpture day, which is held at the initiative of local artist Lauren.

Do you want to know more about this place in the province of Albacete? Then take a look at this travel itinerary to find out what to do and see in one of the tourist destinations that should never be missing on your list of places to visit.

What to do and what to see during the Bogarra Sculpture Route?

What to do and what to see during the Bogarra Sculpture Route

Yes, it is true, the sculptures are a must on this route. And you’ll see them all along the tour, so don’t forget your camera to capture the best images and take them home as a nice souvenir.

The Plaza Mayor of Bogarra has become the starting point of this tour.

From there you will take Calle Muralla until you reach Calle del Moral. After crossing the Madera River bridge you will begin your tour of this area of supreme charm.

What to do and what to see during the Sculpture Route Bogarra II

The Bogarra Sculpture Route will take you to the famous open-air works of art created in stone, wood or marble. This path has been called the Path of Sculptures.

Afterwards, you will reach the Fuente de la Presa, a beautiful spring of water located in the same rock where the niche in honour of the Virgen de Cortesis located.

Follow the pass to the Batan de Bogarra, where you will see the great Cascadas de Batan. Then, make your way back to the Plaza Mayor to end one of the best tours you’ve ever done in your life.

Interesting facts

Interesting facts

For many, spring and autumn are the best times to travel to Albacete and make the Bogarra Sculpture Route. However, the ride is available all year round.

It is a nice and pleasant walk that will help you to disconnect, even for a few days, from the stressful life in the city.

If you have chosen to travel during the days of the event that takes place every year in Bogarra, you will have the privilege of seeing how the artists make their own sculptures.

Where to eat?

After a hike of several kilometers, the time has come to enjoy a delicious meal. And even more if you do it in the restaurants in the area. Here is our selection:

Merendero El Batanero

Definitely a lovely place. It is ideal to eat delicious dishes after finishing the route. It is a nice, clean and cozy place to taste grilled chicken legs or potatoes in a pile. Don’t forget to order homemade desserts with lots of love. It is located in Paraje Batan de Bogarra.

Tapería Picayo

Octopus, clams, prawns and exquisite grill. Everything they have to serve is really worth it. In Tapería Picayo there are options to eat well. Its rations are abundant and its prices, of desire. It also stands out for the friendly treatment of those in charge and for its family atmosphere. It is in the Plaza de Cabezuelos, Bogarra.

The Batanero

If your idea is to enjoy a good meal after the Bogarra Sculpture Route, in El Batanero, without a doubt, you will be able to do