The province of Burgos hides natural treasures so imposing that they attract. Yes, they attract so much that it has become one of the favourite destinations of thousands of curious people every year. Among all those places of desire in the region, there is one in particular that has caught our attention and of which we will make special reference today: the Nervion Falls.
It’s a waterfall that with 222 meters high is considered the largest in the Iberian Peninsula. Located between Burgos and Alava, in the north of Spain, right in the heart of the protected area of Monte de Santiago, this waterfall will make us witnesses of one of the most fascinating phenomena of nature. The waterfall formed by the Iturrigutxi, Urita and Ajiturri rivers is only seen in all its splendour during the rainy or thawing season.
Far from it, it is only a dry gorge, without much charm, but that in the same way is a forced invitation to visit it and to enjoy routes of tourist trekking, guided excursions, indispensable views and other activities of leisure that we will describe next.

What to do at Nervión Falls?

Prepare your luggage and without wasting any more time visit the Nervión Falls to discover one of the most beautiful corners of Spain. First, pay attention to the following guide that can be useful and practical: Join us on this great adventure through Monte de Santiago!
The circular route is especially appreciated by lovers of hiking in Burgos. This route begins on foot and will take us to the interior of a forest. The path goes in the opposite direction to the waterfall. And there are at least 7 kilometres of path, 190 metres of which form a gradient.
Through a flat and uncomplicated route, you will reach the Valle de Délica.

There we will have the privilege of enjoying the best views of the countryside thanks to its large viewpoints. From here, the journey continues along a narrower path while you continue enjoying the forest, which looks brighter than ever in the autumn or rainy season.
After contemplating the landscape and having rested a little, we continue until we finally reach the viewpoint of the Nervión Falls. Don’t be frustrated if you can’t see the waterfall, as the excursion and the marvellous views will compensate for the disappointment. Of course, don’t forget to take a few photos of the Nervión.
The journey is so simple that we can be accompanied by children and the whole family.

Where to eat?

Near the Nervion Falls there are very good restaurants, whose dishes have been prepared to pamper your palate. To taste them and recharge your batteries after an incredible walk, don’t miss the following establishments:

Bideko Restaurant

It’s an excellent choice to eat. The dishes are unsurpassed, the attention is excellent and the atmosphere is quite pleasant. The only disadvantage is the price to pay because it can be quite expensive. However, many diners agree that it is worth paying for the quality of the products they offer in their dishes. If you want to stop by this restaurant, look for it in the Bideko neighborhood.

Abiaga Jatetxea

Abiaga Jatetxea has been a great discovery. A very pleasant surprise, one of those that you never forget. But how can you forget a restaurant where everything is splendid? Good food, good attention, good atmosphere and excellent prices. A plus are the excellent views to the nearest mountains, so don’t hesitate to visit it in Abiaga Kalea, 7.

The Canónigos

Very original dishes, incredible seasoning and good attention. This is how The Canónigos describes it, a modest restaurant, without luxuries but with a good appearance located in Calle La Fuente, 1 – Valpuesta. Its quality-price ratio is exceptional and many have recommended it because it eats very well.

Where to sleep?

Near Nervion falls there are a variety of hotels and lodging sites, which undoubtedly makes this place a tourist paradise. Here are some options to sleep comfortably and safely during your stay.

Casa del Patrón Hotel

Just 13.2 kilometers from the waterfall is the Casa del Patrón Hotel. It is a good choice of accommodation if you are passing through the region. It has clean and comfortable rooms, bar and restaurant. The service is excellent and the atmosphere is pleasant.

El Coto Restaurant

This is a highly recommended 2 star hotel. It is just over 22 kilometres from the Nervión Falls, making it a good accommodation option. Comfortable rooms, quality service and luxurious atmosphere. There is no better alternative to stay than El Coto.

Aldama Restaurant

If you ask for our opinion on the best places to stay near the Nervion falls, we will spare no effort in recommending this hotel. It is a guarantee of quality and comfort. The best thing is that for a low price you will enjoy a good service. It has Internet and free WiFi, restaurant and bar lounge.

How do I get there?

To get to the impressive Nervion Falls implies taking the road A – 2625 from Orduña. You will find scary curves along the way, but they are indispensable for good cyclists. We suggest driving slowly. Then you will find Mount Santiago and from there continue the route until you find the parking lots:
– Parking 1: Very close to Mount Santiago and the furthest from the waterfall. It has 57 places for tourists.
– Parking 2: Está ubicado entre el parking 1 y el parking 3. Cuenta con al menos 21 plazas.
– Parking 3: Also known as Fuente Santiago, it is the closest to the Santo del Nervión.