If you like to enjoy nature in its purest form and wildlife, then this is the place for you. Somiedo Natural Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, therefore it is a protected area due to the richness of its natural and ethnographic elements. The place is surrounded by green valleys, vast lakes, mysterious caves, chasms, narrow gorges and high peaks.

Tour of the lakes of Somiedo

Also known as the lakes of Saliencia and formed by 5 lakes of glacial origin called La Cueva, Cerveriz, La Mina, Calabazosas and the largest and most famous lake of the Valley. It is home to several species of amphibians that are protected by environmental authorities. The scenery offered by these majestic lakes is wonderful, which is why it is worth a tour of the place.

The most visited and famous route is the Lake Valley route, a popular place for tourists to picnic in some areas.

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Hiking Routes

Undoubtedly this park has been rated as the best place in Spain for hiking, since it has different routes and you can choose the level of difficulty and extent, there are even routes for people with disabilities either visual or mobility. The information about these routes can be obtained by visiting the Interpretation Centre of the Natural Park of Somiedo. They will also inform you about the vulnerable areas where you should not go as they are part of the protection and conservation.

Two cows in the Natural Park of Somiedo