The Natural Park of the Dunes of Liencres is a good option to disconnect for a weekend and forget the stress of everyday life in the city. It is located in the municipality of Piélagos and so far is part of the Network of Protected Natural Spaces in Cantabria.

Located in the vicinity of the Pas River, in the path of the Camino del Norte between Santander and Santillana del Mar, this natural jewel of 195 hectares is made up of coves and beaches of breathtaking beauty, where, no doubt, refreshing the body through a well-deserved dive has become a guilty pleasure.

But what stands out most about this natural park (declared as such in December 1986) are its wonderful dunes, the most important in the north of the country and that provide an exceptional scenic value that does not go unnoticed.

Do you want to know what to do and what to see in the Liancres Dunes Natural Park during a perfect weekend getaway? Well, follow us on this great adventure.

What to do in this Natural Park?

Liancres Dunes Natural Park

The Natural Park of the Liencres Dunes, which in 2004 became one of the Sites of Community Importance of the Atlantic Biogeographic Region, preserves the majesty of its spaces, so hiking routes are a good alternative if you want to fill you with good energy. The route is of low difficulty, so you can develop it with children.

It is also ideal for pets, so if you wish you can go in the company of your beloved dogs.

The dunes, the main attraction of the park

The dunes, the main attraction of the park, are the ideal setting for some good photos. So do not miss the opportunity to pose in this dune system created by the sand of the Pas River and the coastline that for years have been carried by the wind.

Here you can appreciate what experts have called mobile dunes, which are very close to the beach. They owe their movement to the action of the wind. But there are also the dunes that remain fixed by the help of some plants such as sea holly and sand reed.

Canallave Beach

The beaches represent an excellent alternative in the natural park. Do you want to enjoy the salt water? Canallave Beach is the best option. Its strong waves make it perfect for practicing your surfing skills.

Valdearenas Beach is characterized by its fine golden sand. It is the closest to the dunes. It is also conducive to rest and enjoy the environment.

Where to eat?

Visiting the Liencres Dunes Natural Park will leave you exhausted. To continue enjoying the wonders of nature in Cantabria you need to recharge your batteries. And what better way to do it than in our suggested restaurants:

Bar Eloy

It is characterized by the friendly treatment of those in charge, for offering a pleasant atmosphere and for serving exquisite rabas. The food is prepared with fresh and quality products, so it will surely become a good alternative to eat delicious after your visit to the Cantabrian region.

La Nonna

La Nonna has become very popular thanks to the preparation of homemade food. In fact, it is a reference in Liencres. And although in appearance they seem to be simple dishes, you will fall in love with their flavor and seasoning. It also stands out for its good treatment and family atmosphere.

Tandem Street Food

The tomato toast with multigrain bread is a delicacy. It is an ideal place to have a delicious breakfast. It stands out for its good service and for offering a warm atmosphere. If you want to try a good coffee or a delicious juice, this place is the right one.

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Where to sleep?

In order to make a good travel itinerary, it is essential to know the accommodation options offered by Liencre. And here is our selection:

Hotel Calas de Liencres

Comfortable rooms, comfortable atmosphere and good services. This is how they define the Hotel Calas de Liencres, an ideal alternative to rest and spend quiet nights. It features satellite TV and free WiFi.

Apartments Dunas de Liencres

These apartments are ideal for a whole family. It has a café-bar, solarium and outdoor swimming pool. Its location is great and it is considered one of the best lodgings in the region.

Hotel La Joyuca del Pas

It is a country house made of stone. It is a simple but cozy infrastructure that has gained popularity and good reputation. It has a restaurant, but also perfectly preserved gardens and other services such as free Internet connection.

How to get there?

Cliffs of Dune of Liencres natural park

Getting from Liencres to the national park is very easy. So much so that you don’t need the help of a guide or map. The distance is 12 kilometers and the walking time is 20 minutes. Just be aware of the places where tolls, black spots and service areas have been installed to make this a safe and quiet trip.

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