In the foothills of the Pyrenees is the Natural Park of Aiako Harria, a fairly extensive natural enclave in the province of Guipúzcoa. Within its 6,912 hectares you will find mountains and slopes, as well as forests full of beautiful oak trees. But its concentration of pine, beech and chestnut trees also forms an important part of this great landscape of the autonomous community of the Basque Country.

Aiako Harria National Park, also known as the Peñas de Aya National Park, has three main peaks such as Irumugarrieta at 806 metres, Txurrumurru at 821 metres and Erroilbode at 843 metres, on which you can put your feet, of course, by following the different itineraries available and the perfectly signposted paths.

It is a tourist place of untamed beauty distributed among the municipalities of Irún, Oiartzum, Rentería, Donostia and Hermani that invites to be traveled and discovered through hiking routes.

If you dare, then stay with us!

What to see and do in Aiako Harria Natural Park?

¿Qué ver y hacer en Parque Natural de Aiako Harrai

If you have already felt like visiting this powerful sanctuary where rivers like the Bidasoa run through, forming beautiful streams and waterfalls, then take a look at the guide we will show you below.

In it you will find all the information you need to take a magnificent excursion through this place declared a natural park in 1995 and a place of community importance.

Qué ver y hacer en Parque Natural de Aiako Harrai II

Exploring the scenery will take you to places of interest such as Txingudi Bay, Oiart Valley and Mount Jaizkibel. But there is also the Aiztondo ravine that thanks to its beautiful 100-meter waterfall has become a must-see site.

Among the attractions you can find in Peñas de Aya are the numerous streams and mining galleries. From the House of the Natural Park you will have access to the mine of Arditurri.

Qué ver y hacer en Parque Natural de Aiako Harrai III

The walk will also allow you to appreciate some species of vertebrates, but this whole place has become popular as it has become a wintering area for birds or for passing through on their migratory journeys.

Besides touring the park by routes that can start from Aiditurri, Irun, Hermani, Listorreta and Oiartzun, take advantage of some of the most suitable spaces to camp, take some pictures and enjoy nature.

Where to eat?

Dónde comer

The travel itinerary of the Aiako Harria Natural Park includes a list of restaurants to eat delicious food and recharge your energy. Here is our suggestion, so take advantage of it.

The Factory

It is a simple and comfortable place to taste a delicious kokotxa scramble. The entrecôte is also as good as the attention of the waiters. The atmosphere and the price are two positive elements of this restaurant located in Calle Puerto, 17, San Sebastian – Donostia.

Sagardotegia – Donosti Cider House

This place combines seasoning, good attention, friendly rations, good price and excellent atmosphere. In short, it is a great option to eat the best Basque dishes. Try the chops, the tortillas or the cod with tomato. It is located in Zamalbide street, 8, Errenteria.

Tolare Jatetxea

It’s one of those places that makes you want to come back… and sooner than you think. Its good food, attention and atmosphere make it a true alternative. If you are in the natural park do not miss the opportunity to taste delicious food in this restaurant located in Barrio Ergoien, Oiartzun.

Where to sleep?

Dónde dormir

Find here the best accommodations near the Aiako Harria Natural Park. Comfort and good attention are combined to offer the guest a service according to their needs.

Rural house Olazi

It has become one of the most popular accommodation options in the region. And it has five super comfortable rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, flat screen TV and free Wifi connection. It has a terrace and a large garden to share pleasant moments with family and friends.

Zalai Eder Farmhouse

It is located in the municipality of Donostia and is considered one of the most comfortable and safe places to stay in the province. It has six rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a special playroom for children, a living room and a private parking lot.

Anziola Farmhouse

It is also known as “Yeguada Isasa” and is always ready to serve even the most demanding of guests. The outdoor area has gardens, barbecue, game rooms, tennis courts, among others. But it also has comfortable rooms with all the services. It is located in Oiartzun.

How to get there?

Cómo llegar

From the town of Irún to the Aiako Harria Natural Park there are 24 kilometers. Travel them in 42 minutes or less if you travel by car. Pay attention to the map so that you can reach your destination without major inconveniences.

You will have to leave Iglesias Street in Irun, then take the Navarra Hiribidea / GI – 3154 road. Once in the traffic circle, take the third exit on GI – 3154.

When you reach the Santiago Urtizberea Shiesbidea Kalea road, take it towards Errenteria. Keep right on the Autopista del Cantábrico towards Bilbao.

If you keep to the left, take the AP-8, AP-1, E-70, E-5 and E-80 freeways. Then, take exit three on Iturrine Street to Oiartzun. Then take exit three on Iturrine Street to Oiartzun.

From here follow the road signs until you finally reach your destination. Don’t forget to turn on the GPS to make the route easier.

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