Since last October 15, 2021 the national press has been publishing an interesting news very important for the pilgrim community, in relation to the identity of the relics of Santiago, but watch out, which one? Supposedly there are two “Santiagos” in the Cathedral of Santiago: Santiago Zebedeo “the Greater”, whose remains rest under the altar of the Cathedral, and Santiago Alfeo, “the Lesser”, whose remains are in the Chapel of the Relics. Which contains the relics of dozens of saints. Thus, a recently published research, initiated 30 years ago, introduces doubts about these relics, proposing that maybe they are confused remains. How about a little research?

The two “Santiagos

Santiago Zebedeo, “the Elder”, and whose remains and presence in Santiago de Compostelaand whose remains and his presence in Santiago de Compostela are responsible for the birth of the Camino de Santiago in the Middle Ages, was one of the 12 apostles at the Last Supper with Jesus of Nazareth and one of his closest friends. He is placed as evangelizer of the northwest peninsular of Spain, that is to say, Galicia, and historiography and tradition affirm that it was martyred and beheaded in the 40’s A.D. by King Herod Agrippa I.

Santiago Zebedeo