Habemus Papa! Well, yes, it looks like there’s going to be fumata bianca because the next Holy Year 2022 Pope Francis is expected to visit Santiago de Compostela The Pope was also the first to speak on the occasion of this Extraordinary Holy Year, which he himself extended as a result of the pandemic. A long awaited and longed for visit by the Xunta de Galicia and the ecclesiastical authorities of Santiago de Compostela, which, pending official confirmation by the Vatican, will be a revulsive for the tourism and commerce of the city.

Last visits

If confirmed, this will be the fourth visit of a pontiff to Santiago de Compostela. in four decades. The first one, in 1982, on the occasion of the Holy YearPope John Paul II was the protagonist, who repeated it in 1989 for World Youth Day. in 1989 on the occasion of World Youth Day.. Ya in 2010 it was Benedict XVI who visited Santiago de Compostela, on the occasion of the ordinary Holy Year.

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral