From the end of March 2015 until 30 August this year, the Museo das Peregrinacións e de Santiago provides free access to the José Guitián exhibition. Photographer in Compostela 1950-1980. Despite his Cuban origins, most of this artist’s life has been spent in the capital of Compostela. He began his career in the field of photography as a disciple of great masters such as Ksado or Almeida. Later on, at the beginning of the fifties, he started his work in an autonomous way, achieving great fame with his studio “Foto Guitián”.

In spite of his more than 40 years of work, it is not possible to frame his peculiar and extensive work within any particular type of photography. Although he specialized in portraiture and scientific photography, he also photographed the streets, corners, people and customs of Santiago. In this exhibition we will be able to see some of its popular nocturnes that transport you to past decades capturing magical places and moments. People and their customs were also the first target of the Haitian chamber. From the early stages of the dictatorship to the breakaway decade of the 1980s, Gaitián tells the story of a city from a social and urban point of view that will remind us of times past unknown to most and others, in which we find ourselves.


Through this initiative, the Museum of Pilgrimages and Santiago is reaffirmed as a “national museum institution and a center for documentation, research and interpretation of Santiago and of pilgrimages”. From here we applaud this initiative for its great value for the culture and history of Santiago and, without a doubt, we recommend your visit, which enriches and complements, if possible, our visit to this monumental city.